LG Launches the G2 Learning Smartphone for the High-End

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Knocking around in the fight for the number three smartphone market spot for some time, will the new G2 propel LG into the limelight? Or is the high end market no longer where its at for the majority of buyers. 

Ask Not What Your Smartphone Can Do For You

High-end smartphones have become a funny business of late, we have Motorola/Google's new one that's always listening and now LG's G2 which is claimed to be able to learn from you. Putting that aside for now, we have a new phone designed with the brave move of putting the power and volume buttons on the rear, under the camera lens, rather than a side of the device.

That could help in the thinness stakes (8.9mm), but is a bit of a risk as far as false triggers, potential damage and other issues go. Or it could be a roaring success that everyone will imitate soon enough. The rest of the phone is a collection of cunning design, with a 5.2" IPS full 1080p HD screen that doesn't add to the dimensions thanks to the tiny bezel on the device.

The display has dedicated graphics memory to help on the power saving with the rest of the silicon packing a 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, with either 16 or 32GB of internal storage, all running of a 3,000mAh battery.

Learning Opportunities

Around the phone we have an image-stabilized 13-megapixel camera and hi-fi speakers, run by Android 4.2.2 for great sound. All of this tech is being shipped globally to over 130 vendors, and it will appear on most U.S. telco rosters. 

Ask What You Can Teach Your Smartphone

You can watch a rerun the launch event (click to around the 45 minute mark for the start of the show). With all the usual hype, but its the parts about the phone learning from you that should catch the eye (or microphone). Are these marketing buzz (the event is branded "learning from you") or practical benefits (like auto answer when you lift the phone). We'll see when the units hit the street. 

To cater for the rest of the market, LG also showed off the Optimus F6 and F3, devices with smaller screens and few features to help round out the company's offering. But its the high-end model by which the company will be judged and since the specs on most devices are starting to blur into one, it seems hard to find a standout feature to make buyers go rushing to the store when the release date and price are announced. 

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