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Drupal, get ready for some fun. Badgeville announced the launch of its gamification and behavior management platform for the open-source content, social and commerce management system.

The integration is designed to simplify the ability to apply what Badgeville calls “engagement mechanics” to websites built and managed with Drupal. It will be offered by Drupal-service provider Acquia to its customers.

Engaging for Rewards

Gamification rewards desired behaviors such as starting discussion forums, commenting and writing and replying to blog posts in order to increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention. There are also “anti-gaming mechanics,” which set limits on how many times a behavior can be rewarded.

Badgeville CEO Kris Duggan said in a statement that this is the first integration between an “industry-leading gamification and behavior platform and Drupal.” He added that Badgeville uses Drupal, along with customized functionalities, to manage its own Badgeville Community.

Other current customers who use Badgeville with Drupal include iVillage, Paypay’s X.commerce and The company said that its customers typically see increases in user behavior tied to business objectives of between 20 and 200 percent.

Badgeville said that its platform has led to significant increases in customer loyalty and engagement. It cited the example of Mother Nature Network, a site focused on environmental and sustainability news, that uses the Badgeville platform to reward such behaviors as Green Blog posts, reader comments and uploading videos.

Points, Levels, Missions

The gamification platform’s rewards include points, achievements, levels, tracks and missions. Its social gaming techniques include contests, leaderboards and notifications.

For instance, a user is notified that someone has written a review on the site about a new line of sneakers. That user reads the review, writes a comment, and then writes his or her own review. Badgeville’s gamification components can award the user with a Marathon achievement level, which the platform allows to be used for special privileges or discounts.

Based in Menlo Park, California and founded in 2010, Badgeville provides gamification and social engagement solutions to influence and analyze user behavior.