HTML5 is rapidly working its way across the mobile landscape. This week, presentation software vendor Brainshark announced a HTML5-based Mobile Player for iOS and Android that replicates the functionality of its desktop player. 

The Waltham, Massachusetts-based company said the new player offers a more interactive experience for Brainshark presentations on smartphones and tablets than had previously been available. CEO, Joe Gustafson said in a statement that companies not only need to deliver content to mobile users but also need “to deliver it in a high-impact and intuitive format,” and added that the new Mobile Player can improve “the reach, impact and effectiveness” of mobile communications.

Every Two Seconds

Brainshark said presentations using its technology are viewed every two seconds worldwide. They combine PowerPoint slides, voice narration, video clips, interactive questions, downloadable attachments and other material and techniques into a video that can be shared as a link.

The Mobile Player enables poll, survey and exam questions/answers, provides click-navigation to any point in the presentation and allows users to share presentations through email or social media.  If a user stops a presentation, the presentation remembers that point for next time, and organizations using single sign-on can do so for Brainshark. Brainshark Rapid Learning can also be used with the mobile player for learning management.


Poll, survey and exam questions are available in Brainshark's Mobile Player.

Learning Opportunities

To enable deployment through a SCORM-compliant mobile-enabled learning management system, the Mobile Player supports that standard. The player also features advanced reporting capabilities to track and relay such metrics as length of time spent watching the presentation, when the content was accessed, the order in which slides were viewed, the type of device employed and any answered questions.

Addressing Challenges

Using HTML5, Brainshark’s presentations are automatically optimized for presentation on the destination iOS or Android device. Brainshark also provides non-interactive, streaming video presentations to non-iOS/Android devices, including Blackberry and Windows Phone, as Flash, MP4 or 3GP formats.

The company said the capabilities of its mobile players address the challenges of providing for the video needs of the mobile workforce, as well as for multiple platform support, mobile learning and mobile marketing campaigns.