Bridgeline Digital iAPPS 5.0 Released, Adds Mobile Editing
When it comes to a Web content management system, there's no end to the amount of features and services customers want or may need in the near future. Bridgeline Digital has released version 5.0 of its iAPPS WCM system, and it's added key features many businesses truly need like mobile authoring, translation and personalization.

Mobile Authoring, Translation

iAPPS 5.0 includes a touch friendly content manager for editing an publishing content from a mobile device. With mobile devices invading the workplace at record pace, this feature is becoming standard on any WCM system. In this kind of configuration, it's about granularity because some kinds of site changes don't lend themselves as well to adjusting from a mobile device. However, for content changes and edits, it's perfectly reasonable, and this will probably be a popular addition to the latest iAPPS version.

Additionally, because Internet usage is growing around the world, companies are constantly looking for ways to build up their businesses in these up and coming regions. By adding translation capabilities, Bridgeline can address another critical business layer, overseas growth (see Bridgeline's 2012 financials). Integration with a tool called Clay Tablet has added translation to iAPPS 5.0, and websites can be syndicated in language variants.

Templates, Personalization

Templates are helpful in any WCM environment, but Bridgeline has added a handy feature in iAPPS 5.0 that allows templates to be modified without coding. Administrators can add features and content containers to already built templates without having to involve a developer. This adds flexibility to the system, and saves time and money on further customization.

Advanced marketing features are also becoming more popular with many web content management systems, and iAPPS is jumping on that trend as well. Version 5 features the ability to take advantage of device type, navigation behavior and demographic information to help businesses show content those people would most likely want to see.

Bridgeline has also changed up its menus, integrated Brightcove for video publishing, and allowed customers to centralize their product catalog while maintaining the ability to manage multiple storefronts from a single system. iAPPS 5 comes in either a Saas model or traditional licensing version for .NET environments.