Today's economy is growing internationally and likewise, online retailers need to be able to meet consumers wherever in the world they may be. Bridgeline Digital has updated its iAPPS suite to better enable web retailers and web publishers to meet the needs of an international audience.

It's All About Better Sales

With the new version of iAPPS, Bridgeline Digital is offering marketers and merchants the ability to engage with audiences in a variety of new ways. First off, the iAPPS administrative interface is available in four languages including English, Spanish, French and German.

International eCommerce sites will be happy to hear that there are more than 100 currencies supported by iAPPS out of the box along with connectors to international payment processors too. Right out of the box, it's possible to calculate tax, tariff, duty and other fees at check-out in an easy way.


In the case of a web content manager needing to localize a site based on geography, iAPPS 4.7 has options to facilitate an international phone number, billing and shipping address and postal code entry. This makes a site approachable for international audiences who want to browse sites in their native language, see pricing in their local currency and see shipping rates from different places globally. The new iAPPS advertises its ability to allow enable a team of local web content managers to control the specifics of their site.

Enabling Site Managers

Often site managers are disbursed across the globe. In this case, they need options for collaborating online regarding promotions, stories and content for the web site. iAPPS 4.7 helps web managers collaborate and manage their stores and web priorities all within the administrative interface in their local language.

The Commerce module puts the web engagement suite available in local languages and enables them to write content for their geographic area, preserving all language and syntax.

Easy Shipping Options

Fulfillment is always an issue when it comes to international commerce. Most of the time, shipping estimates are generic and not tailored to the particular product being ordered. At best, shipping estimates are a good guess as what the final cost will be.

The new version of iAPPS Commerce enables web managers to catalog inventory with specific dimensions based on weight and size and accurately lists packaging and shipping costs based on the product being ordered. Available in both metric and English measurement systems and utilizing real-time costs from USPS, UPS and FedEx, iApps Commerce will give a better estimate for customers.

How about you -- are you an iAPPS customer, or the user of a competing system?  Are these features of use to you? Sound off below in the comments!