Buzzego Joins the List of Google Reader Alternatives

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Buzzego Joins the List of Google Reader Alternatives

Since Google Reader’s days are numbered, another reading platform has added its name to the list of possible replacements: Buzzego.

Introducing Buzzego

Launched just a few months ago, Buzzego describes itself as a “content discovery website” and in a way is a web-based version of Flipboard. Unlike Flipboard however, Buzzego gives its users the option to create a personalized feed on topics and stories from a variety of social networks and news sources. Topics of interest include fitness, gadgets, movies, photography and physics.

You align your interests alongside an archetypal character … with Buzzego offering up relevant sites based on those character traits, grabbed from a growing pool of 50,000 blogs and content providers," wrote Gerald Lynch.

Unlike other reader tools that may merely curate articles without filtering, Buzzego automatically detects articles that cover the same or similar topics, such as a new product release or celebrity news story, while also removing any redundant articles. Stories are ranked, so the most interesting stories appear at the top of the newsfeed, while users also get recommendations of additional topics they might want to add to their account.

Since Google Reader will be shutdown in less than a week many developers have been adding and updating features to ease the transition for Google Reader customers. Like many other applications, Buzzeo has added a Google Reader subscriptions feature that uses the Google API so that users who are transferring over from Google Reader won't miss any important articles or lose important content from their Google Reader account.

Learning Opportunities

To sign-up, users have two options -- they can click the "I'm from Google Reader option" to transfer their files and settings from that account, or start from scratch by signing up with an email or through one of three social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter or Google+

As of right now, there’s only a web-based version of Buzzego available, but the company has plans to release a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, as well as a Facebook social reading app

Don’t Forget About Us

Buzzego isn't the only Google Reader alternative that's been making headlines. In addition to the mentioned Flipboard, there is also Feedly which has added RSS app integrations, and the web-based tool Feedly Cloud. There is also Pulse which was just bought by Linkedin, BlogLovin’, NetVibes, Flud and Rolio, to name a few. It has also been reported that Facebook might be launching its own reader app later this year.