Reported: Facebook to Launch News Reader Service, social media

According to reports, Facebook is about to be a bit more news-oriented with Reader: a mobile newspaper service.

Flipboard for Facebook?

As they become more efficient and user-friendly, mobile devices are being used more often then desktop and laptop computers as a way to visit social media sites, use applications and browse the internet. But the time spent on these sites and applications varies. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal’s Evey Rusli, Facebook has determined that while mobile users are spending more and more time on these devices, they aren't spending a lot of time on Facebook apps.

The users of Facebook's apps often drop in for brief sessions of just a few minutes, quickly skimming or adding posts, before jumping to the next thing, according to one of the people familiar with Facebook's mobile efforts,”wrote Rusli.

This is where a tool such as Reader will prove useful. According to Rusli it will be much like Flipboard, a mobile app that curates news stories from a variety of sources and gives users the ability to move quickly from one story to the next by swiping the device’s screen.

A Good Business Move

Not only will this product be an alternative to other news reader services, such as Flipboard, Pulse and Feedly, but if released soon Reader could also be a replacement option for Google Reader, which will be discontinued as of July 1. For some, Reader might become the top application to replace Google Reader because of its integration capabilities with other Facebook tools.

Despite Google's departure from the service, news aggregation apps are becoming increasingly popular,” wrote Kul Bhushan. “Companies such as Digg and AOL are already looking to tap the growing market. Facebook's Reader, however, would have an extra edge with its gigantic user base and more 'sharing' features."

Reader will also provide an additional source of mobile revenue for the social network, which will add to the lead that area already has. As for marketers and advertisers, Reader could give them an additional advertising platform in which to reach and connect with customers through banner and click-through ads.

Currently, it isn't known when Facebook will launch Reader or what other features the service could have.

A More Mobile Social Network

The Reader rumor isn't the only mobile related news from Facebook. Recently the social network updated a few of its mobile developer tools: Open Graph and Native Share Noted, released Home for Android, while also buying Osmeta, a mobile start up company and mobile development company Parse.