With the Facebook developer conference happening right now in New York City, it's no surprise we're seeing new developer capabilities. Here are three new updates that everyone will love.

Everybody Loves Facebook

More than 81% of top 100 grossing iOS apps and 70% of top 100 grossing Android apps integrate with Facebook. With the new tools we’re unveiling today, we’re excited to see even more high quality mobile apps integrate with Facebook to engage with our 680+ million mobile users."

That's from Douglas Purdy on the Facebook blog today. Those new tools he's talking about, they are:

Open Graph on Mobile

New API's and features that will enable developers to integrate Facebook's Open Graph more easily into their mobile applications. The new Object API lets you directly integrate Open Graph objects (before developers had to mess with web pages with Open Graph tags, which sounds a little messy to me). The API is for mobile and web apps.

Add to this a new Object Browser to work more easily with the objects you create and publish (you can create new objects from this interface as well) and a new object privacy model to improve sharing for user generated content.

Native Share Dialog


For those building native mobile apps, Facebook now offers a share function that can be built right into the app. This means users of your app won't have to log into Facebook to share content. There's also support for publishing Open Graph functions.

This new tool is available in limited beta for iOS.

Faster Facebook Logins

Work continues on Facebook's new user friendly permissions model. The new model puts publishing permissions in an optional dialog and going forward Facebook says apps will need to ask for publishing and data permissions separately (from a user's standpoint, I like this separation).

A new Facebook Login Dialog for both mobile and web is focused on improving performance. According to Facebook, apps will see the new dialog load up 20% faster. Developers don't have to do anything to get the new dialog, it will automatically be upgraded without code changes.

For now, all these new tools are bundled into Facebook's SDK 3.5 for iOS, so iOS web and native app developers can get going.

For Android developers, expect the Native Share tool sometime soon.

New Facebook Technology Partner Program

Have to keep those developers happy, you know the ones who see the need to really dive into Facebook full force. This partners provide SDKs, plug-ins, tools and services for building social apps. A couple of the first partners in the program include:

  • C# SDK for Windows 8 by Microsoft
  • Corona SDK by Corona Labs
  • Node.js by Thuzi
  • PhoneGap by Adobe
  • StackMob SDK by StackMob

Take note of Adobe and Microsoft in there. Adobe doesn't surprise me, they have a pretty tight Facebook partnership. And you can see how Microsoft would want to really stay close to Facebook with its Windows 8 devices -- just another thing to help push them along.