ClickTale Tracks Every Detail of the Mobile Customer Experience

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Five years ago, Apple introduced the very first iPhone. That smartphone would go on to inspire us as consumers, marketers and businesses to work, play and engage differently with one another. The debate between native mobile sites and mobile apps still rages, while the metrics we use to measure engagement and to determine how users are completing transactional goals are taken for granted. Five years later, many of us still don’t know how to make sense of mobile customer engagement. This might help.

The Future of the Mobile Customer Experience Just Got Interesting

Imagine if you could test mobile user behaviors the same way we test users who visit our websites? What would you do differently if you knew that users were zooming in on the text or turning the screen horizontally? Now thanks to ClickTale, and their new mobile solution, you need not imagine any more.

For the first time, ClickTale Mobile allows businesses to view their mobile customers’ true-to-life browsing experience at all levels of detail from aggregated views to playable videos of individual sessions. The insights provided by ClickTale Mobile enable businesses to improve mobile usability, raise customer satisfaction and increase online ROI to capitalize on the multi-billion dollar mobile eCommerce market.

Optimizing the Mobile Customer Experience

We spoke to Shmuli Goldberg, senior technology evangelist at ClickTale about the launch and its impact on mobile marketing and engagement. He says that the mobile web is broken and that the tools we use for building user experiences on the desktop are not useful for building similar experiences on a mobile device.

Learning Opportunities

For starters, the way people use mobile is drastically different -- there’s no mouse or keyboard functionality. And while we’ve been talking about best practices for mobile customer experience for some time, the simplest solution never seems to be addressed. What if there was a way to see, report and analyze on how users engaged with your mobile site?

With ClickTale Mobile, businesses can now literally visualize what’s working and what’s not on their websites by seeing every scroll, swipe, touch, tilt and tap that their users make. The result will show developers, marketers and user experience specialists the things that are standing in the way of successful customer transactions, leading them to build a better site optimized for their users.

With ClickTale Mobile, businesses will be able to:

  • Improve mobile site usability and customer satisfaction
  • Boost conversion rates of landing pages, online forms and shopping carts
  • Maximize ROI from existing marketing channels
  • Reduce site abandonment rates
  • Increase visitor engagement

What usability testing did for the website, ClickTale Mobile is about to do for native mobile websites. The ClickTale Mobile private beta is now ready for testing by ClickTale customers. ClickTale’s full mobile solution will be made available to the general public later this year.

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