Cloud Extend Automates Sales Processes
The Salesforce platform is useful, but it's also known for being a bit of a beast. Hoping to ease some of the pain, Active Endpoints has drummed up Cloud Extend, an app that offers features for organizing Salesforce functions for an entire team. 

Cloud Extend essentially aims to simplify Salesforce via process automation. Specifically, the application enables sales managers to create and modify custom interactive guides for dealing with various opportunities, such as making an outbound sales call.

The guides can provide different paths for the user depending on the answers given to various questions:


Once built, these guides can then be shared with the team, and Active Endpoints can collect the data necessary for your analytics, promoting a steady methodology beyond Salesforce’s own offerings.

“Salesforce can sometimes be intimidating to even the most seasoned sales and marketing professionals,” said Mark Taber, CEO of Active Endpoints. “By enabling consumers to add process to Salesforce, Cloud Extend could easily be the single most important feature to drive adoption and the expected return on investment. Getting consistency on first call handling, automated sales call follow-up and automated reviews of deals in a pipeline are just a few examples.”

It's worth it to note that are a couple areas of the application in which a non-technical user would likely get stuck, such as connecting the guides to the Salesforce portal. Other than that, it looks pretty straightforward. Boosts

It seems like is getting boosts left and right this week. In addition to the Cloud Extend application, Yammer hijacked Salesforce's API in order to further socialize CRM data. That is, Yammer will now grab incoming data, exported by Salesforce, and plug it into Yammer news feeds. Sales leads, deals, marketing campaigns, etc. will becomes objects that can then be commented on and interacted with, making them more likely to spawn useful activity as well as become easier to keep track of.

As far as the training and scripting tools for go, Cloud Extend is just one in a large-ish pool. It's impossible to look over what it lends to the platform, however. For the average business user, it could be the difference between being able to actually use and understand the CRM platform, and not. 

On that note, it might be worth it to you to check out. If you're in the uncharacteristically sunny San Francisco today, stop by Dreamforce where it will be officially unveiled.