Is it mobile first? Or is it content is king, and mobile is simply another channel? What is responsive design and how does it support a mobile user experience? Is management on board with your mobile strategy? Or are their heads still buried in the website? Lots of questions I bet you are asking. Luckily for you we are gathering the right people to help you understand this mobile world a little better.

This month we’ve been tackling the ins and out of mobile customer experience. As the mobile web becomes more pervasive among employees and customers, the enterprise has been challenged to not only maintain a mobile presence, but ensure that it’s optimized to provide a successful customer experience for the user.

Tweet Jam to Talk Mobile CXM

Join us on Wednesday, May 23 at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 1800 GMT for our monthly tweet jam. We welcome the broader CMSWire community to participate as we spend an hour trying to figure out the right way to design and support a mobile strategy.

All experience levels are welcome to connect with the expert panel we're assembling. Here's a look at who's coming: Yaacov Cohen (, Julie Hunt (Julie Hunt Consulting), Douglas Heise (CoreMedia), Deb Lavoy (OpenText), David Hillis (Ingeniux), Gunnar Klauberg (Adobe), Chris Graham (Siteworx), Rich Blank (NewsGator), Rob McCarthy (GOSS Interactive). And that's just the start. We'll update the list as our panelists are confirmed.

The easiest way to join the conversation is by following or including the #CXMChat hashtag.

#CXMChat Tweet Jam Topics

You may tweet your questions and/or responses throughout the Jam, incorporating them into the conversation via the #CXMChat hashtag.

Here are the topics to be discussed:

  1. How are you making the business case for mobile?
  2. How does a mobile first strategy change your overall approach to CXM?
  3. Mobile site vs. mobile app -- how are you deciding today? How is responsive design impacting your thinking?
  4. What mobile metrics are changing your thinking about the channel?
  5. What's the biggest gap you see in the mobile experience market today?

Participation Guidance

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Introduce yourself with your first #CXMChat tweet. Include your name, job title and organization you work for.
  2. Subsequent tweets must start with the question number you are responding to and the #CXMChat hashtag. For example, "@bigbird Q5 We very much believe sentiment analysis works #CXMChat"
  3. Please don't pitch products or services; stay knowledge focused
  4. Keep the discussion professional, but informal
  5. Remember that this is a public chat — be thoughtful

We look forward to connecting with you on May 23!