Our May Mobile Experience Tweet Jam is coming fast, so let's take some time to prepare by looking at the questions that will be asked and the experts from the field who will be answering them tomorrow.

The #CXMChat Questions

As this month's articles on the Mobile Experience show, the proliferation of mobile devices is affecting the way enterprises do business, both internally and externally. How they build these solutions and what the mobile priority is changes from business to business. Tomorrow we will see where these solutions converge, diverge and what the possible future will look like for mobile customer experience.

Let's take a look at the questions that will be asked:

  1. How are you making the business case for mobile?
  2. How does a mobile first strategy change your overall approach to CXM?
  3. Mobile site vs. mobile app -- how are you deciding today? How is responsive design impacting your thinking?
  4. What mobile metrics are changing your thinking about the channel?
  5. What's the biggest gap you see in the mobile experience market today?

The Experts

If you've participated in a Tweet Jam before, you know that a wide range of people take part. While anyone is welcome to participate, we always keep a core group of experts on hand to give their insights and keep the conversation flowing. Our experts for tomorrow will be:

The Mobile Experience Tweet Jam Details

To hear these expert's insights into the Mobile World, join us at the Tweet Jam tomorrow, Wednesday May 23, at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EST / 17:00 GMT. The easiest way to follow is to use the #CXMchat hashtag. We will be setting up a chat room and sending out the details via Twitter tomorrow.

Will you be joining our Tweet Jam from your iPad? Your Android? Any way you do, we hope to see you there!