CMSWires Top 25 The Hits of 2014

Another year has come and gone — and with it, an amazingly diverse selection of stories from CMSWire staff writers and contributors. Over the past 12 months, our team has worked hard to inform, entertain, inspire, provoke debate and encourage discussion about a wide range of B2B topics.

Before we make the usual predictions about how much more we expect to accomplish in 2015 (which we do) or how we expect CMSWire to become an even better source of information for everything related to digital experience, marketing, social business, big data and more (which it will), we'd like to step back and collectively say the most important thing possible.

Thank you.

Thank you for reading our content, posing thought-provoking questions and participating in our webinars and Tweet Jams. We appreciate your support, your informed discussion and all the many ways that you, our readers, have helped make CMSWire a go-to source for industry information.

And now, a selection of some of the stories and authors you enjoyed the most in the past 12 months.

The 10 Most Popular

1) In 5 Tech Trends We'll See More of in 2014 — the undisputed most popular story of the year — Frank Palermo looked at things like the evolution of the bring your own device trend, the maturity of big data and sensor-driven business models. Tweet to Frank Palermo.

Big data tools and applications will mature to the point where huge volumes of data can be absorbed, synthesized and integrated into systems for smarter and faster decision making.

2) Is too much connectivity a bad thing? That was the question raised in my story, Turn Off the Phones and Leave the Customers Alone. Tweet to Noreen Seebacher.

The whole thing about the "always on, always connected customer" may be a myth … or at least less inevitable than we seem to think.

3) Erika Morphy struck a chord with her exploration of the concept, Are You Too Old to Work in Tech? IT's Midlife Crisis. Tweet to Erika Morphy.

The 40-something tech worker who cut his teeth on such technologies as mainframe computing? Let's hope he cashed in on the first dot-com boom or this second wave, because otherwise, his tech career is coming to an end.

4) David Coleman explored trends in collaboration in his story, Collaboration in 2014: 10 Predictions. Tweet to David Coleman.

Trust is a rare gift. Add on the complexities of context (e.g., personal context, company context, team or project context, country context) and trust is not the foundation for collaboration it used to be — that foundation is eroding away. So what is replacing it?

5) Christian Buckley looked at 5 Steps for Building a SharePoint Migration Plan. Tweet to Christian Buckley.

A migration is the time to think about your system holistically — about the services you are running, your site and site collection topology, your permissions management model, and so forth — and then to prioritize, validate, and refine your requirements.

6) Does IBM have the solution to the email problem? Plenty of people were eager to read Dom Nicastro's story on IBM's Mail Next: Original in the Social Business Enterprise? #IBMConnect. Tweet to Dom Nicastro.

IBM's new solution — called "Mail Next" — is being hailed by many on Twitter today as an innovative, exceptional mail experience and a new way to consume and manage email through social-like capabilities.

7) David Roe asked a pertinent question in Do You Really Need Microsoft Office? Tweet to David Roe.

New research from SoftWatch appears to show that an average business worker only spends 48 minutes per day on Office applications. The reason we say “appears to show” is that SoftWatch has a vested interest in enterprises moving from MS Office because it offers a service that helps enterprises transition to Google Apps.

8) Everyone talks about big data, but only Virginia Backaitis asked the question, Who Leads the Big Data Market? — and concluded that it probably was not who you think. Tweet to Virginia Backaitis.

Go to a big data tech conference, approach any ten people and ask them to name the technology that’s driving the industry. Ask them which technology vendors are reeling in the bucks while riding the big data wave. And get this: they’ll probably be wrong.

9) What are the Top 10 Things to Measure in Google Analytics? Barry Levine explained in this popular story. Tweet to Barry Levine.

WebLink International, which provides membership management technology to business associations and other member based organizations, just issued a new, free e-book to help you decide what to track in Google Analytics.

10) Scott Raynovich shared some insight and gave readers another of those ever popular lists in 5 Tech Trends You Need to Know Right Now. Tweet to Scott Raynovich.

Security, infrastructure intelligence and data analytics will be among the hottest business technology trends of 2014, according to a research paper commissioned by UK IT services firm Advanced 365.

More Popular Posts

11) Amith Parameshwara tried to find the solution in The 6 Pieces of the Customer Experience Puzzle. Tweet to Amith Parameshwara.

It seems like everyone is interested in the idea of “great customer experiences." But both businesses and scholars have struggled to understand what that really means, and have fared even worse at attempts to measure the outcomes of the "Customer Experience."

12) Lori Alcala looked at Facebook's decision to block companies from requiring customers to like a Facebook pages in exchange for contest entries or other company rewards in Facebook Shuts the Gate on Likes. Tweet to Lori Alcala.

According to a Facebook developers blog post, effective Aug. 7, companies are prohibited from incentivizing customers to “use social plugins or to like a page.” It's still acceptable to ask people to like your page — but they have to like it because, well, they actually like it.

13) One of the other issues being tossed around the SharePoint space is what the role of SharePoint is going to be in the future. For Lane Severson it's clear. In SharePoint is Already Legacy he said SharePoint is getting ready for its swan song. Tweet to Lane Severson.

SharePoint is already legacy. It was built in a world that needed a better enterprise solution for basic document management capabilities than the big enterprise content management ECM vendors were offering. And it spread like wildfire because it was easier to deploy and was more end-user focused than the large ECM tools.

14) One of the major issues facing enterprises over the year has been collaboration and whether they should use SharePoint for it. Steven Pogrebivsky explored an alternative in OneDrive for Business Takes On SharePoint.

While some might see OneDrive for Business as competition for the usual suspects in the file sharing space — Dropbox, Box, Google Drive — I think it's a possible alternative to another, namely, SharePoint.

15) Tom Murphy looked at the speed of App development in Forrester: Move Faster on App Development and found that most enterprises are looking for agility. Tweet to Tom Murphy.

Developing great apps takes time, but in the age of the customer that time is measured in days and weeks — not months. Customers simply aren't going to wait for their smartphones to grow outdated while the IT staff designs, hand-codes, and tests and finally releases a new app.

16) Adele Hasall wrote an engaging post about customer service fails and misconceptions, making Busted: 5 Common Myths Of Customer Service one of the most popular of the year. Tweet to Adele Hasall.

It's amazing how many companies continue to make the same mistakes, resting on the appeal of their renowned brand name whilst they fail to address gaps in their service structure.

17) Is Collaboration Limited by Organizational Structure? That was the question Deb Lavoy asked in a story that theorized a more collaborative organization is a more profitable one. Tweet to Deb Lavoy.

Culture may eat strategy for lunch but decision-making, reporting and budgeting structures can either birth or strangle both culture and strategy with both hands tied behind its back.

18) Bill Ryan discussed various paths to integrating Yammer into your SharePoint 2013 environment in Integrating Yammer with SharePoint 2013: Navigating the Options. Tweet to Bill Ryan.

The question being asked the most is not “What should we do?” but more about “How do we do it?” Yammer has become the most popular and widely deployed Enterprise Social Network and Microsoft has provided several paths for integration.

19) Elliot Sedegah capitalized on one of the most popular shows on television to share 3 Brand Asset Secrets from HBO's Game of Thrones. Tweet to Elliot Sedegah.

Managing your digital brand assets, such as images, videos and rich media, has much in common with the HBO drama. You have to maintain brand consistency, learn from others and establish governance guidelines that protect and strengthen your brand and position.

20) Siobhan Fagan provoked interesting discussion with a look at something everyone loves to hate in Why Are We Still Stuck on Email? Tweet to Siobhan Fagan.

The complaints against email are well known. It's a time suck and ineffective for large-scale communication, yet most of us still turn to it on a daily, if not hourly basis to communicate with others (with some notable exceptions succeeding without).

21) Chris McNulty examined the dozens of cloud hosting options for SharePoint, beyond Office 365. Amazon, Rackspace and Fpweb, in SharePoint in the Clouds: Choosing Between Office 365 or Azure Tweet to Chris McNulty

Every time I read about “the cloud” I want to drag out a red pencil and edit the sentence. Why? Because we should really be talking about “the clouds,” plural.

22) Ryan Lunka looked at the evolution of agile — and how it is increasingly becoming just the way we do things in Why Agile As We Know It Will Disappear. Tweet to Ryan Lunka.

Agile is a rediscovery of an organically optimal way to approach complex problems (in this case software development). Agility is not a product of methodology.

23) Ahava Leibtag touched on a lost art — reading — in a story that offered 10 Books Every Great Digital Content Creator Must Read Tweet to Ahava Leibtag.

There’s an immense amount of dialogue right now in the content creation, content marketing, content strategy, content space. Some of it is important. Some of it will sink to the bottom, hopefully washed away by the pixels of the Interwebs. But, if you’re following closely, you’ll see that best practices still rise to the top, like the proverbial cream.

24) How can companies connect the work of their employees to the bigger business strategy? This was the concept Eric Winquist looked at in Want Engaged Employees? Show Them the Big Picture? Tweet to Eric Winquist.

Many executives forget that building products and managing projects has always been an inherently social process. Humans have a fundamental desire to feel connected to one another when they work and to know their work makes a significant contribution.

25) Jennifer Mason picked up a lot of interesting information at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas — and shared it in SharePoint Conference Keynote: Releases and Roadmap #SPC14. Tweet to Jennifer Mason.

Microsoft is moving forward with tools and features that will make development easier within SharePoint. A new set of APIs and development tools will allow for the quick development of additional tools. One particular thing in the focus was the new visibility of apps that allows for the addition of apps anywhere in Office.