comScore Unveils Combined, Multi-Platform Audience Reporting Service

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It’s a multi-platform world…so shouldn’t audiences be counted -- without duplication  -- on all platforms? comScore thinks so, and this week the audience reporting service has officially launched its new cross-platform reporting service. 

The Media Metrix Multi-Platform, first shown in November as a beta, covers not only websites but also video and apps on smartphones, tablets and PCs. comScore said it was the industry’s first such comprehensive view. It combines the company’s flagship products -- Media Metrix, Mobile Metrix and Video Metrix -- and measures unduplicated audiences. With new platforms coming out in the next few months, one supposes comScore may soon have to add interactive glasses, smart watches and smart cars.

Media Metrix Multi-Platform Top 50

Once the new stats were in, the audience size of the average digital property in comScore’s Top 100 increased by 38 percent, and 19 of those had their desktop audience extended by at least 50 percent to account for unduplicated mobile users. Overall, the Media Metrix Multi-Platform reports on more than 300,000 digital media properties, including demographic composition, engagement, performance within key user segments and behavioral trends.

The greatest increase in audience size because of the addition of mobile users was seen in Groupon’s 223 percent jump, Zynga’s 211 percent and Pandora’s 183 percent. Other major boosts included Apple (54 percent), Yelp (51 percent), Twitter (54 percent), WebMD Health (56 percent) and Pinterest (53 percent).

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Learning Opportunities

New Platform Offers Better View of Audiences

comScore said that the new integrated platform, in showing unduplicated audiences, can help publishers and other media companies get credit for their additional readership/viewership on both mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, the new metrics parse out demographic differences across channels, which can be used in developing acquisition and content strategies, and the platform helps to track the dynamically changing mix in audiences between device types.

comScore said it will still offer on a monthly basis the Media Metrix top 50 Web properties, which is desktop-only, in addition to the Multi-Platform, Video Metrix and Mobile Metrix ratings.

The company is rolling out multiple platform measurement throughout its services, such as a deal announced last week for a first-of-its-kind all-platform, unduplicated audience measurement of Sony Picture Television’s Crackle, a free ad-supported video streaming service. In addition to smartphones, tablets and desktops, that measurement also includes connected TVs and game consoles.