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The notion of seamless customer experiences across channels is more of a wish than a reality.

"There is a lack of integration" among e-commerce and content providers, said Doug Heise, global product marketing director for CoreMedia, a web content management provider. "Customers are not getting that single brand experience they want."

But Heise told CMSWire that CoreMedia AG has a solution. The company, which has headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and San Francisco, introduced LiveContext 2.0 today. Heise said it will provide e-commerce and marketing professionals the ability to transform their online stores with better experiences.

CoreMedia is calling it a next-generation digital engagement application that is integrated with IBM WebSphere Commerce.

Partners with IBM

Back in January, CoreMedia announced its partnership with IBM in the IBM Smarter Commerce partner ecosystem, giving the content management provider and Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM visionary some Big Blue wings.

customer experience, For CoreMedia, a Marriage Between Content and Commerce

The WCM vendor, with about 150 employees, became part of an ecosystem of technologies IBM customers could access. CoreMedia falls into the content management category.

Today, CoreMedia announces its integration with the IBM WebSphere Commerce. The goal is to help businesses build an emotional connection to their customers while delivering an intimate shopping experience.

Learning Opportunities

In a demo for CMSWire, CoreMedia showed drag-and-drop capabilities inside the platform and also stressed the importance of having strong visuals to improve customer experience. Responsive design and adaptive content elements are included in the platform. Users can tests pages' appearance on multiple devices easily, as we saw in the demo.

Product Details

Think of it as a marriage of great content and compelling commerce experiences. The features include:

  • Visual Engagement: Design elements and layouts and a mobile-first responsive and adaptive approach enable e-commerce and marketing professionals to design engaging experiences
  • Immersive Content: Through product aligned storytelling e-commerce professionals can deliver content-driven stories embedded with product information
  • Incremental Innovation: A grow-as-you-go approach ensures operations won’t be disrupted while evolving to experiential commerce.
  • Also provided: A fixed price rapid deployment, aligned with business value and delivered within 10 weeks

The software costs for the basic solution for CoreMedia LiveContext 2.0 is $100,000, but implementation fees will add approximately another $100,000 onto this for a total of approximately $200,000. The cost for the advanced solution starts at about $250,000 for the software licenses, with implementation starting at about $100,000 as well.

Web CMS Update Due

CoreMedia told CMSWire it expects to release CoreMedia 8 sometime next winter. CoreMedia 7 hit the streets in early 2013. 

"We have a flexible range of integration options," Heise told CMSWire. "But there's a consistent functionality to build on."

CoreMedia's LiveContext platform has already integrated with SAP's Web Channel Experience Management (WCEM) platform, offering contextual marketing information to SAP's suite of e-commerce, e-service and e-marketing capabilities. This partnership took CoreMedia into the retail market extending its experience outside of the Telco and Media industries.