Customer Experience the Big News at The Big Social #TheBigSocial

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Telligent's annual conference, The Big Social is underway in Dallas. This year's conference attracted hundreds of attendees and vendors to network, showcase new tools and learn more about integrating and optimizing the use of social in their organizations.

Sharing Experiences About Customer Experience

This is the second year Telligent has held The Big Social. Thesessions are broken down into fourtracks -- two technical and two business -- with content for attendees thatare just getting started and others that want to optimize the use of social in their customer experience and marketing practices.

The first full day of the conference attendees that ranged fromtechnical implementers to business strategists streamed through meeting rooms andlingered in hallways to discuss enterprise social. Interestingly, the discussionsaren’t just focused on the how and why of Telligent’s platform. Most people, includingthe Telligent folks, are discussing the intersection of the enterprise andsocial.


Crowd listens to Telligent CTO Rob Howard at the Big Social Day 1 Keynote

Learning Opportunities

Although manydiscussions focused on product and theory, much more of the commentary revolved around what people are doing with enterprise social in the real world.Telligent customers like Intel and Miracle-Gro discussed their initiatives. Thespeakers were very candid about the challenges they faced, which made theattendees noticeably more comfortable and engaged. Most sessions felt more likea conversation with battle worn veterans than presentations.

Big News at the Big Social

The big news on day one was TelligentCommunity 7.0 and Telligent Enterprise 4.0. Both products are heavilyfocused customer experience and are built on top of latest version of Telligent enterprise social platform,Telligent Evolution 7.0. According to Telligent CTO Rob Howard, thecompany has made over 50 enhancements since the last release of the platform.The most significant on the massive list of changes are the

  • new reputationmanagement system that scores content
  • socialmechanisms such as likes, hastags, mentions, review and rating that enableusers to build communities that are more similar to public social networks
  • more mobilefeatures

Telligent founder and CTO gave attendees a walkthrough ofthe releases. Telligent Enterprise 4.0 is more internally facing and is all about fullyintegrating social in the enterprise. Howard demonstrated how organizationscould create a central socially enabled sales hub and collaborative customerservice environment using Telligent. In contrast, Community 7.0 is more outwardfacing and focuses on improving customer engagement.

The conference continues today with a full day ofpresentations, keynotes and vendor demos. We are on-site and will provide youall the details of what’s happening.