Customizing Customer Service Across Social Media with MediaFunnel

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Customizing Customer Service Across Social Media with MediaFunnel

Looking for best practices for how to deliver the best possible brand experience to customers and prospects in the social channel? Today is your lucky day. MediaFunnel, a social media management platform has released a set of innovative, customizable customer service quality assurance protocols designed to do just that.

Are You Catering to Your Customers?

It’s no secret that customers seek out the social media channels of their favorite brands with customer service inquiries. In fact, a recent survey shows that consumers seeking customer service via social media channels -- or “social care” -- have very high expectations. Not only do they expect a response from the company the same day, they expect their problem to be resolved, as well.

Demonstrating your ability to deliver high quality customer service across social media channels isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the lucrative thing to do, as 71% of those who have a positive experience are likely to recommend your brand or company, compared with just 19% of those who get no response. So how can your company begin to implement strategies that cater to the customer?

Create a Social Media Workflow That Works

With MediaFunnel, organizations can address three key areas that drive the quality of the overall brand experience in the social sphere:

Learning Opportunities

  • outbound communication
  • audience engagement
  • premium customer service throughout all social touch points

MediaFunnel gives users the ability to create customizable user roles and capabilities at a granular level to ensure that only authorized personnel respond to customer inquiries and comments in the social sphere. Additionally, users can establish a customizable review workflow that protects safeguards and approval processes.

Together, with its customer service ticketing workflow tool, companies can capture, route and track inbound communication until a resolution is achieved. The tracking system maintains a communication log that provides brand advocates with access to the entire communication string in the social sphere. By allowing administrators to assign tickets to specific personnel who are best equipped to handle incoming inquiries, brands can practically ensure timely responses and comprehensive resolution to inbound communication -- improving the overall brand experience and strengthening brand loyalty.

Listen, Learn & Grow the Customer Experience

Overall, being able to track your company's ability to listen andrespond to customer inquiries are good protocols to follow early on soyou can grow and learn from your mistakes.

Every social media and community manager will tell you that the ability to respond effectively to customer inquiries relies heavily on how well teams communicate and collaborate. Tools like MediaFunnel help create an effective workflow so customer inquiries don’t get lost, while providing an opportunity for the appropriate team member to supply the appropriate answers, which can boost employee engagement.