We knew there was some partnership in the works back in late July when Ektron announced the latest version of its web content management/customer experience platform, but now it's official and a little more detailed.

A Little Social Media Monitoring

There are two elements to the partnership with PR Newswire, who obviously does a lot more than simply distribute press releases. The first is PR Newswire Listening Dashboard -- for social media monitoring. Ektron has integrated the SMM dashboard reports directly into Ektron (includes 20+ reports).

The application lets you get information on what's being said about your brand from social networks like Twitter, 40 million blogs, five million forums and over 30,000 news sources.

This is Ektron's first partnership for this type of functionality, but it's not expected to be its last.

And A Little PR on the Side

And for those organizations who produce a lot of press releases, the PR Newswire Sync is a nice little add-on module that enables marketing and communications to publish the press releases they put on PR Newswire directly on their Ektron websites. When a release is published to PR Newswire, this app will take the content feed (formatting and all) and publish it on the website, creating a URL that is based on release title and adding a little keyword metadata for SEO purposes.

Now I have to be honest, I've seen many a PR come our way long before it's published on the website (and these are not embargoed news releases). If a module like this can get information on the website faster than the marketing team seems to be able to otherwise, then get it.