Enliken Helps You Control Your Privacy, Tells You Who is Selling Your Data to Advertisers

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Earlier this month we told you about PrivacyFix, a browser extension that helps put the user in control of their own online privacy. Recently, we learned about another app that not only lets you control your privacy but shows you the data that is being sold to advertisers about you and evaluate its value.

Mine Your Own Data

Enliken is a browser extension that lets users see what information companies are selling about them. The app looks at the existing cookies advertisers have placed on your browser and determines the information they are selling about you. Enliken currently supports BlueKai, Yahoo, Google and Exelate and are always adding more data aggregators.


If you choose, Enliken can also capture information about what you're searching and shopping for online, then aggregates that data from across all of their users, anonymize it to protect your privacy, and sell it to advertisers.

Learning Opportunities

Data to the People

If you’re feeling charitable, Enliken will capture the value of your data and donate the proceeds to charity. They will provide a copy of your browsing history and sell the parts you feel comfortable sharing with advertisers. Because not everyone may want to give back, Enliken is working on software that let's people pay for content with data (think a data wall instead of a paywall) and use their data in loyalty programs for miles or discounts on products.

While this method of mining data may seem peculiar, it’s just another example of how data is the new oil. As a result, companies are looking for new ways to leverage the massive amounts of data spewing through the web.

Enliken not only provides a way to better control the amount and types of information being collected about you, but also ways to increase the relevancy of the online advertising you see and transfer your data’s value into charitable dollars.