Wednesday, EPiServer releases a new connector that allows organizations to collaborate on website content within SharePoint.

Bringing SharePoint Assets to the Web

Does your organization use SharePoint to collaborate on documents such as whitepapers and eBooks? Maybe you take advantage of the Office integration with SharePoint. It's a common scenario in many orgs. It's also common that you want that content surfaced on your website for lead generation. 

The overall goal for EPiServer Connect for SharePoint is to give you that capability. You can bring SharePoint content into the EPiServer 7 Web CMS and surface it in your websites or across your social channel. This connection is asynchronous which means if you update your content within SharePoint, then it's automatically updated on the website (here we assume it's been through the proper workflow and approved to go live).

Having SharePoint content surfaced through EPiServer also enables you to track the usage of that content, which is important information to have. And for those marketers who are constantly testing how their website works, this integration also enables A/B and multivariate testing of SharePoint-based content.

The standard connector allows you to edit content within either SharePoint or EPiServer, and it supports not only SharePoint library and list item content. It's designed to allow EPiServer partners to either modify it or build a custom workflow around how it's used.


EPiServer Connect for SharePoint was built to support SharePoint 2007, 2010 and SharePoint 2013, although the primary focus was on SP2013. 

In a conversation with Bob Egner, EPiServer VP of Product Management and Global Marketing, we discussed the new connector and his experience seeing SharePoint as a key part of the marketing technology ecosystem. That use, he said, varies by customer, but it's a common requirement. This might be true in part because EPiServer is a .NET-based Web content management system, but it's also true that SharePoint is used in a great deal of organizations in a wide range of departments.

A Little on the Silverpop Integration

You'll remember we told you about EPiServer's integration with marketing automation provider Silverpop. I asked Egner about the integration and why they choose Silverpop. He noted joint customers as one reason, but also told that EPiServer has a number of partnerships with other marketing automation provider such as Marketo and specific EU players. So Silverpop is simply another tool for the tool belt.

Egner said that EPiServer is seeing an increasing demand for the integration of WCM/WEM and MA. It's a way to tailor content based on previous interests and allows EPiServer to contextually deliver content for segments. These are both requirements that were noted in today's Tweet Jam, along with many other needs that marketers have today.

Marketers Have a Big Tool Belt

So much has changed for marketers and is still constantly changing. I think it's a pretty exciting and challenging place to be. Having the right tools is critical, the right processes and strategy even more so.