Web content management and e-commerce provider EPiServer has announced a new product information management (PIM) system within EPiServer Commerce. EpiServer partnered with inRiver to add the new PIM to its platform to make managing products more efficient for users.

Manage Content and Products in One Platform

There is lots of conversation lately about creating engaging user experiences. Customer experience is important, but if you sell online, you also have to spend time managing products. Managing products may not be sexy, but it is definitely a necessity, which is why EPIServer has added a new PIM to its platform.

inRiver PIM for EPiServer allows users to manage product content (e.g. descriptions, photos) and processes, assortment and relationships between products. In addition, to make product management more efficient, inRiver PIM for EpiServer supports:

  • Ability to categorize and manage relationships between products using a drag and drop interface
  • Create different product assortments for different channels
  • Integration of Adobe InDesign to create printed materials
  • Integration of external translation to support multiple languages
  • Workflow and version control

The new PIM goes beyond managing products for the web; it also supports product management for printed materials and in-store displays. This allows users to keep product details consistent across all channels where the product is available. This eliminates the need for users to replicate content or spend time synchronizing information across channels.

In addition to the product management features, inRiver PIM for EPiServer also includes a consolidated dashboard that users can customize to monitor the product sales lifecycle without leveraging additional tools.

Getting Additional Information

inRiver PIM for EPiServer is available now. However, no pricing information was available. Additional details about the PIM features are available on the product page.