E-Spirit CMS Promises to Improve User Experience

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Content is still king. With the version 5.1 release of its FirstSpirit Content Management System (CMS), e-Spirit re-affirms its commitment to that principle.

Good content means good customer experiences, and good customer experiences helps to retain customers, the company maintains.

Sticking to a Proven Concept

This is not a new approach for e-Spirit. It has long used it as a guiding principal and has built its technology to meet organizational demands forexcellent content.

With v5.1, e-Spirit states that it is pushing the boundaries of what users can do with its CMS. It is adding a number of new functions that are designed to make the creation and management of content easier and more agile.

To find out what was under the hood in v5.1 we asked Oliver Jaeger, e-Spirit’s vice president for global marketing, to outline the highlights of this release.

By way of response, he pointed not to a single function, but rather to the impact the new functionality has together. "The issue we addressed in this release is the development of a better global user experience," he said.

This meant improving the content value chain from inception to the time it is published on customer-facing websites. He compared it to the building of a car.

You have many differentpeople participating in the making of a the car along the production chain — designers, engineers, marketers, third-part parts producers, sales people — which all have to pull together build the final product. If they don’t work together or they can’t access the work of other teams, there is no final product. Our approach to content is much the same. To sell something to people, you need to have great content and that is where the upgraded ContentCreator comes in."

FirstSpirit Multiperspective Preview.jpg


 FirstSpirit Multi-Perspective Preview

More Improvements

Content Creator is the key upgrade in this release, although there are many other improvements that have also been introduced to improve the user experience.

ContentCreator is FirstSpirit's browser- based, central editorial environment. According to Jaeger,the new version is the result of a complete overhaul of ContentCreator.

Learning Opportunities

The improvements makeit easier for marketing managers and editors to create and publish personalized and dynamic contentfor any digital marketing campaign, target group, output channel and end device, he says.

While the improvements here touch every single point in the content creation process there are three improvements that are particularly notable:

Multi-Perspective Preview

This enables online editors and creator view content pages in FirstSpirit CMSthrough the eyes of visitors. This means that with a single click, it is possible to see what content is being displayed to what target group. The content and its display can be optimized directly in Multi-perspective Previews, including views for different mobile devices.

Seamlessly Use Web Applications

This is a central location that enables users access all the tools needed to complete all editorial tasks. In version 5.1, the editorial environment also developed so that third-party Web applications can also be used directly in the ContentCreator preview (AppCenter functionality).

Enhanced Drag and Drop Support

Content Creator already has Drag& Drop capabilities, but inv5.1 it has been upgraded to make it more intuitive as well as easier and quicker to use. Of particular note is the creation of links using Drag & Drop.It also enables uses drag and drop a wider range of content than before includingimages, videos or other data from differentsources.

The other major area of improvement centers on the developer experience. According to e-Spirit, the 5.1 version  offers new features designed specifically for software architects, developers and integrators to ensure more convenient and efficient project implementation.

Earlier this year in a mini-series on the problems around content management and e-commerce, we saw that e-Spirit was addressing theseproblems through a best-of-breed approach to content management.

This means bringing in a best of breed Web Content Management System (CMS) that integrates with existing systems at the back end and also enables online retailers the ability to push content out through multiple channels.