eZ Releases Live Viewer 2: Real-time Predictive Analytics & Optimization

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If you are looking to optimize your digital content to meet the needs of your customer base, then the latest version of eZ's Live Viewer should get you on your way.

It's All About Optimization

Every organization understands that its website content needs to be optimized to the needs of the people who are visiting it. Without that optimization it could take those people too long to find what they are looking for and that means less successful conversions.

EZ Live Viewer is an add-on to the eZ Publish Enterprise web content management platform that provides real-time predictive analytics and optimization capabilities. The latest version -- eZ Live Viewer 2 -- builds on the previous version's content trending analytics, offering deeper analytics on the performance of your website.

eZ Live Viewer 2 Features

Designed for the non-technical editor/marketer, Live Viewer offers a number of capabilities that not only show you what's happening on your website, but provides notifications of issues and recommends changes that will improve your visitor's experience. These analytics are provided via an info-graph visualization (a picture is worth a thousand numbers).

Ultimately, the tool should release you from needing to hire a data scientist to understand a lot of what is going on on your website and be able to react quickly. Getting easy to use analytics into the hands of content managers and editors is a major efficiency driver,” says Roland Benedetti, VP Product Services.


eZ Live Viewer: Overview

At a high level, here's what you get:

Monitoring & Optimization

The front page is a pretty important part of your website's experience, so you want to be sure you have the right content available there. Live Viewer will not only give you web traffic stats, but also suggestions for changes based on predictive analytics.

Front-page rearrangement suggestions.png

eZ Live Viewer Front Page Rearrangement Suggestions

Learning Opportunities

You can view visits, trend and historical graphs, referrers and bounces for the home page, articles and website sections. You also get article details stats such as time spent on the article and you can compare that to things like visits.

Article details.png

eZ Live Viewer: Article Details

EZ Live Viewer 2 is built using HTML 5 so you can use the tool on your desktop or your tablet, which allows marketers to analyze their website no matter where they are. Also, you can manage multiple domains with one account.

With a lot of similar functionality to that you get in Google Analytics or another web analytics solution, eZ Live Viewer's strength is in its visualizations which allow you to see quickly where you need to focus your attention. You can also dive right into your content to make changes immediately, something else that's important when time is typically not on your side.

Built for the Enterprise

EZ Live Viewer works with eZ Publish Enterprise 4.6 and up. It's designed to handle large amounts of data and integrates with the the backoffice editorial suite of eZ Publish. However, it can also be used as a standalone solution. 

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