One thing enterprises like in a technology vendor is reliability, and open source CMS provider eZ Systems certainly has that in its new CEO. Not only is Aleksander Farstad the new CEO of eZ Systems, he's also a co-founder.

Farstad Back for Seconds

This will be CEO stint number two for the ambitious Farstad, and he takes over from the departing Gabriele Viebach who joined the company as CEO back in 2010. At that time, Viebach had taken over for Cristoph Rau, a man who had himself only been hired the year before as CEO. It was before Rau's tenure that Farstad had experienced his first go around as eZ Systems CEO, and now he is back.

In the four years between Farstad's stewardship, the company has been much more focused on transforming itself into an enterprise ready customer experience management platform rather than simply a Web CMS. When Farstad first stepped away from the company helm, he admitted he preferred someone more experienced in that role so he could focus on business development.

As eZ Systems has grown in size and scope since Farstad's first time as CEO, perhaps it is was simply his time to retake the reins as the company ascends the steepest slope of its trek. That being the mountain of enterprise technology, a lofty world where true scalability and stability are valued above virtually all else.


eZ Publish 5 is the latest release of eZ Systems' Web CMS, and it was built expressly with scalability in mind for the enterprise.

Long Journey to Enterprise Began in 90s

Farstad co founded eZ Systems in 1999, but even as he steered the company through its formative years, it's been his years away from the C Suite that the company has expanded the most. Farstad was always close by of course, and many company co founders step away from their leadership roles only to resurface when the company is in even better shape than when they were before.

It's not an uncommon strategy to hire a CEO from outside of a company so a founding officer can focus attention elsewhere, and that is exactly what appears to have happened here. eZ Systems in the last year has made its shift to the cloud, focused more on the US market with the hire of a former Gartner analyst as VP of the Americas, and won high praise from a recent Ars Logica Compass Guide report.

eZ Systems has a ways to go before it is mentioned among the SAPs and Oracles of the Web CMS world, but it is much closer than many would even give it credit for.