It’s time for the Facebook App of the Week. This week were are concentrating on Survey Monkey, a poll-based app that allows users to post polls and surveys to their fan pages.

Through the Survey Monkey Facebook app companies have the opportunity to be even more socially interactive and improve the customer experience, by giving customers a voice on certain products or aspects of their business.

How Does Survey Monkey Work?

To create a survey, first ensure that you are the administrator of the page that will have the survey on it, have the Facebook app installed and have an account with Survey Monkey.

Link your Facebook account with your survey monkey account by clicking on the Link my Facebook Account button that’s on the My Account page.

When creating a survey, you can either start from scratch or choose a template. After choosing an option and subsequent category, such as customer feedback, you can then personalize your survey. Once finished, click Create Survey and choose where to embed it, such as on your Facebook fan page.

On the fan page, the Survey Monkey tab should be seen and once it's clicked you merely have to select your survey in the Current Survey drop down box.

Surveys cannot be added to a your profile page and if a fan page has multiple administrators, only one person can add a survey at a time.


Survey Monkey on Facebook


The Cost of Survey Monkey

The app is free and users must have an account on the Survey Monkey website. There is a free option and three paid options:

  • Basic: With the basic option, users are allowed to have 10 questions and 100 responses per survey, have real time results and access to 31 survey templates and 15 types of questions. The data collected can be embedded on Facebook, on a website or blog or in an email.
  • Select: The Select option is available for US$ 19 a month. In addition to all of the basic features, users have an unlimited amount of questions and responses, access to custom survey designs and URLs, enhanced security through SSL and HTTPS, access of 51 survey templates and 15 types of questions and are are able to export the survey information to Excel or as a PDF.
  • Gold: The Gold option is available to users for US$ 29 a month. Not only does it include the same features as those with a Select account, but other advanced features. These include: a custom redirect for those who have completed the survey, test analysis for open responses and a SPSS
  • Platinum: Users who choose the US$ 69 a month Platinum option have all of the previously mentioned features and others that are only for Platinum users. These features include: white label surveys and brand control with which includes, your own survey URLS with the site and input on survey design.

Final Thoughts

This is a handy app for those businesses who need to increase interaction with customers beyond the confines of “likes” and comments. The app also gives businesses the ability form a better, more personal connection with their customers by allowing them to be as interactive as possible.

Check out the video below on how you embed your Survey Monkey app on Facebook.