Customer Experience: Facebook for Business
The attempt to turn Facebook into a more viable network for businesses and digital marketing continues. The social network has launched Facebook for Business, a community hub for business owners to read case studies, find marketing tools and learn best practices for brands on the social platform.

Introducing Facebook for Business

Based around the motto that you'll “Meet the People who Love Your Business,” Facebook for Business is designed to help companies understand and build a presence on the social network. The page is made up five different sections: Get Started, Solutions, Success, Get Help and News.

Designed with all of our customers in mind, from small businesses to large agencies and brands, the new Facebook for Business brings together a host of resource,” wrote Christina McBride, Facebook’s manager of global marketing communications. “Whether you’re just getting started or looking to amplify existing efforts, Facebook for Business can help you understand your options and choose the appropriate strategies.”

In the Get Started tab, companies can find information on how to improve in store and online sales, launch new products, build brand awareness and promote apps. For example, in the Drive in-Store Sales section users will find tips on setting up their page, identifying their audience, creating engaging content, how to advertise and how to measure or adjust content. The tab also has basic marketing tips and a link to Facebook Business Live, a collection of video tutorials that include one on performance marketing.

The solutions tab lists Facebook’s marketing and advertisement products by type or industry. These solutions include those for measurement and insights, advanced and basic advertising, platforms and pages. An example of tools available are the Facebook Insights and Ad Manager products which are under the Insights section and the mobile app install which is under the platform section. These solutions are also available by industry, a list that includes gaming, consumer goods, technology and travel.

With the Facebook success stories tab companies can search for businesses that are similar to theirs or just browse the general list. Results can be narrowed by business size, goal, industry, product and region. The news tab updates business users on any developments or new products and separates these articles into three categories: brand/agency, product or small business.

Facebook for Business: Yay or Nay?

Since the page is still quite new, it's hard to tell what type of impact Facebook for Business will have on the social network's business community. Although, many reports are optimistic.

Facebook for Business is a great resource for business owners, particularly those who aren't as familiar with marketing on Facebook, or those who just need a refresher or some new ideas to change how they are currently handling their Facebook pages,” wrote Jennifer Slegg on Search Engine Watch.

Others note that while the page seems attractive to companies who have yet to make an impact on Facebook these businesses should take a step back and consider the offerings before making a commitment. According to Em Maier, businesses owners should think about Facebook marketing as a whole, what the ad options are and how much of a budget they have.

Facebook: Becoming a B2C Network

Along with the news that the Facebook advertiser community reached 1 million members recent updates that might be useful to businesses include the addition of hashtags and the public release of graph search. It also been reported that Facebook users will soon be able to provide feedback on why they choose to hide certain posts.