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Facebook maintains a large lead in social logins, according to Gigya — the self-described largest provider of social logins on the web. The news comes on the heels of a report last month from social login provider Janrain, which noted that Google had dramatically reduced Facebook’s lead in social logins.

Is Google+ catching up to Facebook in social login market share? The question is becoming increasingly relevant to the Internet’s next phase. The answer will determine whether one player is dominant enough to have its identity credentials used as entry to a larger number of sites. The identity platform carries a wide variety of other components that can magnified by the market share, including a user’s social profile, a footprint for advertisers and a structure on which third-party developers can build.

Mobile Lead

The Gigya data for the third quarter, presented as an infographic, found social login distribution was trending ever so slightly in Google/Google+’s direction. It reported a  2 percent increase in the quarter for Gigya’s clients. But instead of the 12 percent difference that Janrain had shown between the two providers, Gigya reports Facebook has 51 percent of the social logins — 25 percent ahead of Google+’s.

The Gigya data also shows Yahoo at 18 percent, Twitter at 4 percent and LinkedIn at 1 percent. The "other" category also has 1 percent.

On mobile devices, Gigya found Facebook has a huge lead, with two thirds of all mobile social logins, distantly followed by Google+ at 20 percent, then Twitter at 9 percent, Yahoo with 4 percent and 1 percent for other.

E-Commerce, Media, Publishing Sites

In other slices of the data, Facebook also remains king. For e-commerce sites, Facebook has 74 percent of logins. Google+ is up 5 percent since the second quarter, but still has only 17 percent. For media and publishing sites as well as travel/hospitality sites, Google+ showed its highest level: 29 percent, still lower than Facebook’s 44 percent.

In Europe, including Russia, Facebook accounts for 52 percent of logins. That compares to Google+’s 19 percent.  In other parts of the world, including Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, Facebook’s share of social logins reigns between 70 percent and 75 percent.