Customer Experience: Facebook promotions policy

Creating contests on Facebook is now a bit easier and more efficient due to an updated Pages Terms policy.

Three’s a Crowd

One thing that often improves a customer-business relationship on Facebook is how a business engages with its audience. A way to do this is through contests or other promotional posts, but in the past to use this service a business had to follow a few different steps. According to Katherine Gray, the previous policy stated that in order to win a contest a person couldn't’ simply like, comment or share a post, a business had to use a third party app to collect entry information.

Through the most recent revision of the Pages Terms, it's now much easier for those who have a page to administer contests and promotions as they don’t have to use another app to do so. Facebook says a business user can now collect contest entries through likes, comments and messages and also use likes as a way to track votes.

Businesses should note that they have to make sure that they tag the contest properly. The announcement states that users cannot tag certain people or encourage people to tag themselves in a post or photo if they aren’t referenced in it.

Not Everyone Will Be Happy

At its core this update is designed to improve the contest experience on Facebook for both businesses and their fans.

Facebook is attempting to make it easier for marketers to run promotions on the site by abandoning the need for third-party apps to run competitions, a move that has been welcomed by industry observers who claim it should increase participation levels,” was written in a post from Marketing Week.

Although it might have a negative effect for some.

Some might argue that this new policy update will have a major negative impact on famous apps (like Wildfire, Vitrue, etc.) used until now by businesses who organized contest on Facebook,” wrote Violeta-Loredana Pascal. “However, we should notice that this new permission means that, if a brand organizes such a contest by itself, then that brand has to find a legitimate way of choosing a winner.”

Facebook in the News

Facebook has had a steady stream of newsworthy notes over the past month. These include adding a feature from Facebook Home to the mobile app, a change to its third-party app request policy and the acquisition of Mobile Technologies’ Speech Recognition software. It was also reported earlier in the month that the social network has plans to release a mobile payment system.