Feedly Poised to Replace Google Reader with New RSS App Integrations

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For those worried about what to do with their RSS Feed following the pending retirement of Google Reader, they shouldn't be concerned; Feedly has been redesigned and restructured to take its place.

Feedly to the Rescue

In March, Google Reader was announced as one of many tools that Google was going remove from service as of July 1. Since that date is less than a month a way, many users are scrambling to find a product to fill that void. Feedly, which CMSWire identified as a possible Google Reader replacement, has announcedthat it has been working to bring potential and current users the best post-Google Reader RSS experience possible through new features and third-party integration capabilities.

Taking Google Reader’s Place

With Google Reader’s retirement, many third-party apps are without a reader service, but Feedly has been working with some of Google's clients, so that users won’t have to miss any updates if they choose Feedly as a replacement. The RSS apps that Feedly has been working with are Reeder, Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify and gReader.

To make this transition as smooth as possible Feedly has created the “Normandy Project,” designed to copy the Google Reader API, so that any tools that worked with Reader will also work on Feedly.

Because Reader was the go-to service, it shouldn't be hard for other apps to support Feedly if it really can create a replica of Google's API," writes Jacob Kastrenakes of The Verge.

Not everything for these third-party tools will make the move. On their blog, Newsify noted that due to the availability of Feedly they aren’t going to be releasing an iCloud solution, while others, such as Nextgen said it would be making appropriate changes to its app to fit this change.

Learning Opportunities

We’ll update apps on both WP8 and Windows 8 this month,” said the post. "And especially for our long-term customers, we’ll also update the WP7 version to support Feedly, hopefully next month or as early as possible.”

A Collection of New Features

Making sure that it can be used with tools that were previously supported by Google Reader isn't the only update from Feedly. The company has also updated certain features based on user feedback.

These features include improved speed, the ability to search within Feedly, web access so that users don’t have to download a web browser extension, an app for Windows Phone and Windows 8, improved group sharing capabilities such as support for threaded conversations and being able to target smaller groups, and bug fixes that include log in and loading problems.

These features joina group of publishing tools that were updated in May, which include an Add to Feedly button, a Get Featured on Feedly option for users looking to have their feed highlighted, an Android widget and the ability to brand your name around a certain idea or theme by connecting certain feeds to it.

Feedly is available for the Firefox, Chrome and Safari web browsers as well as on Android and iPhone.