Forrester to CMOs: Engage, Excite and Educate Employees

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Balancing the demands of digital marketing isn’t easy, especially if you’re the chief marketing officer. What makes you most successful? No one can deny that leveraging big data to build solid relationships customers is key, but according to a new report by Forrester, most CMOs believe it’s actually an enterprise-wide commitment to brand building that is critical to success. 

We’re All in this Together

One-hundred percent of the marketing leaders surveyed agreed that 'brand building is a company-wide effort that requires employees in all departments to be brand ambassadors.’ However, the reality doesn’t necessary reflect those sentiments. Previous reports have shown that most organizations are still experimenting with modern brand building and in a new report Build Your Army of Brand Advocates From Across the Enterprise only 41% believe their CEO is setting a vision for brand building across all consumer touch points. 

CMOs know how to build an army of brand advocates among their customers, but having an army of cheerleaders within the organization is also necessary. Forrester’s new report outlines a few steps everyone in the C-suite must take to ensure that the organization’s employees are excited and empowered. 

Educate, Excite, & Engage

The three-step framework works to foster engagement while promoting awareness and educating employees about the brand’s mission and values. The era of the empowered employee taught us to invest in our workforce. To help them help the company and yet, it seems to have stalled. Perhaps due to a struggling economy, slashed budgets and lean teams, convincing employees to put their trust and loyalty into a company has become harder. However, without their participation, the strongest customer-facing brand will struggle to thrive if its employees don’t support its missions and uphold its values. 



The report reinforces the need for investing in employee education, inspiring excitement and actively engaging employees into all parts of the customer experience so they not only understand how the brand is introduced, but also so they understand the role they play in the process.

Convince & Convert


While this helps to emphasize the need for internal brand advocates, nothing in this report is new. We all know how important it is to find the allies within an organization and get them involved in piloting new processes and championing innovation. Their successes and testimonials can help others move from skeptics to adopters. Perhaps your company already has similar employee adoption programs focused towards improving software or intranet integration. CMOs and others in the C-suite are behooved to work together to apply similar models so brand building becomes a natural part of an organization’s culture. 


Learning Opportunities

Building your army of brand advocates doesn’t always come naturally, however. Often it requires an intentional focus on helping employees learn about why the company does what it does and the impact that it has on customers and in society. Convincing and converting employees into brand advocates can also appeal to customers, who understand that a good company is built on the backs of those who work behind the scenes. 






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