The publishing industry continues to get hipper and more technically urbane rather than fading into the ground like some may have predicted. Rising to the occasion, Onswipe has recognized the demand for fresh material and efficient ways of accessing it, now that everyone is armed with tablets and smartphones, and this week launches a unifying content network and a brand-new UI. If you build it, they will come.

The Next Generation of the Magazine

The expansion of Onswipe from structural device to content distribution platform arrives after a recent upgrade to Onswipe 2.0, which added a Wordpress plug-in, and at the behest of somewhat similar news this week from its competitor, Pressly, who will branch into self-serve capacities this spring.

The idea behind Onswipe is to spiff up publishing for tablets by creating a unique user experience, and so it now broadens its role from merely the bones of the vehicle to having a hand in the ride itself. This week's launch adds a unifying content network and improved UI to the table, making the start-up subsequently a content distribution platform. You can publish material, you can manage it, and you can also maximize the reach in one throw with this device.

With its graduated emphasis, the team at Onswipe is calling the update their largest release since last summer, a “channel-surfing like content network.” The enhanced user interface brings along additional publisher pages, areas for settings and reader accounts, gestures like double-tap to close, new social interface, better layout and design customization option, and, of course, “damn cool effects.”

Additionally, Onswipe recognizes the craving for constant discourse and improves upon it social media tools as well.

Learning Opportunities

On the blog, they comment,

Our belief is that social isn’t an afterthought, but rather a big part of the context of an article. Showing the faces of real people who have tweeted an article is a powerful thing. We’ve integrated Twitter directly to each article, showing the faces of who has tweeted it and the ability to seamlessly tweet from the article itself. We’ve also worked on tighter integration with Twitter for iPad. Publications partnered with Onswipe will now appear right inside the Twitter iPad app. We’ve spent a lot of time making sure articles and content look great and resolution-independent, even when the size of the Twitter browser is smaller than the screen.

Dubbed the “TV of this generation” by some, Onswipe leads the development scene towards channels for content circulation along with recommendation functions to organize and drive such traffic. New features encourage readers to browses articles from different publications as they search for content, and then provide tips to their friends.

Good for Readers, Better for Publishers

Through its ongoing list of savvy features and role as a reference vehicle, Onswipe can now collect a lot of data about users, which becomes an extremely valuable resource to publishers. All these attributes will certainly have an effect on advertising revenue, giving new life to the publishing industry. People say search is a dying source of referral, and this only adds fuel to the charge. With its latest raison d’etre, Onswipe wants you to believe they are the reincarnation.