If you’re a pcAnywhere stand-alone customer, it’s time to migrate to a new solution. In case you haven’t heard, Symantec announced in November that its remote control stand-alone product is no longer available, and as of next Nov. 3, it will pull the plug on support.

Fortunately, Symantec has been working to provide customers with a smooth way to migrate. The company is recommending pcAnywhere customers upgrade to the Bomgar Remote Support Solution, and has partnered with Bomgar to offer customers preferred pricing.

CMSWire talked with Bomgar’s Russ Duffey, VP of business development, and Boatner Blankenstein, senior director of solutions engineering, to learn more about the significance of the partnership.

“PcAnywhere is a first-generation remote support product,” said Duffey. “These did well early on, but over time they became big security liabilities.”

Because these first-generation products use a point-to-point architecture, he explained, hackers can easily attach to and get into company networks. In fact, according to the 2013 Trustwave Global Security report, “remote access remained the most widely used method of infiltration in 2012,” accounting for 47 percent of attacks that year.

Additionally, pcAnywhere has faced security breaches of its own in the past. Back in 2012, Symantec advised pcAnywhere customers to disable their software after its enterprise security source code was stolen and posted on the web, according to The Wall Street Journal.

A Better Remote Solution

Bomgar’s solution, on the other hand, uses an appliance-based model. Unlike a point-to-point model, which requires firewall configuration changes to work over the internet, Bomgar does not require firewall changes because both the customer and support rep connect to the appliance via outbound connections.

“Security is a huge focus of the Bomgar product, and our product is architectured around that,” said Blankenstein. 

Further, whereas pcAnywhere is basically screensharing software, stated Duffey, Bomgar is an enterprise support solution, providing teams and groups the capability to handle tech support calls, access a full audit trail of remote connections, and incorporate chat and surveys within the support portal in order to find what’s going right, what’s going wrong and to take action on it.

In addition to PC’s and servers, the system also supports multiple platforms and devices, including mobile.

“People don’t realize the risk that enterprises are facing using an older technology,” said Duffey. “Bomgar gives Symantec customers a good, safe, secure, best-in-industry platform.”

“We’re a second-generation product replacing a first-generation industry,” he concluded. “For Symantec to pick Bomgar is very positive for our organization.”

For more information about migrating from pcAnywhere to the Bomgar Remote Support Solution, visit Bomgar’s website.