Google Adds Analytics APIs for Large Companies
Google has updated its Analytics APIs for things like account setup and configuration, and large companies that want to get in on some of the closed beta availability action can sign up now.

Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP Users to Benefit

Large organizations with multiple websites and lots of users often employ tools like LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory to help manage access to their networks, and configuring Google Analytics with those systems is reportedly a bit of a hassle.

Google Analytics customers had long been clamoring for this to change, Aaron Stein, a Google spokesperson, said in an email. With an added API for managing setup and configuring accounts, large companies will be able to create and edit Properties, Profiles (Views) and Goals. Developers can build Google Analytics connectors to services such as LDAP or Active Directory, allowing automated management of which corporate users have access to Google Analytics, for example.

That way, if a person leaves a company, a connector can automatically remove them from the Analytics account. Additionally, by automating the process, the time it takes to set up new Analytics accounts could be dramatically cut. This API allows organizations to simply write a small script and reuse it every time a new account gets set up.

Learning Opportunities

User Permissions APIs

User permissions APIs have also been added, and companies can list which users have access to particular accounts. These APIs are public, and available now, but the account setup and configuration APIs are only available by request. Interested organizations can sign up to request whitelist access to the beta, and after Google measures the system load and rolls out a couple more features, it will go live to the public.

Even the rollout of the whitelisted projects is limited, so organizations requesting access will have to be notified by email once their project is whitelisted. Both sets of APIs work with both free and paid accounts.