Google's Nexus 3G and 10-Inch Models Revealed

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Google Nexus 7-w150.jpg
 Ahead of Google's big event, we've already seen the new Nexus phone leak out, now a new pair of tablets have been exposed to the world before their bow.  

Tablets on the Range

Having just one tablet has officially gone the way of the dodo this week. First Apple breaks with its mono-strategy and brings us the mini model. Now Google is varying its own line with a 3G version of the 7" Nexus (handily leaked by the radio-emissions people at the FCC) and now a 10" model for those who like their tablets supersized, which was revealed after Korean sites starting waving the manual around. 

This comes hot on the heels of a U.K. phone store showing off the new Nexus 4 smartphone, all before Google's big event on Monday. I'm sure the company will run the show as planned, pretty much as Apple does, and hope it has one or two real surprises to show the world. As with the Nexus 4, expect these devices to be Jelly Bean powered, while the 10" tablet will have a superb resolution of 2560×1600 for incredible video and image potential. 

Tablets Going Places

The 7" 3G model will help users enjoy their tablet-based activities on the go, and increase the pressure for cheaper data rates and multi-device contracts from telcos, as evermore numbers of users take them out and about. 

Learning Opportunities

The 10" model will definitely remain an at-home affair for most. Perhaps it will replace the need for second TV sets in bedrooms as users settle in for a night's movie watching or web browsing with their new monster tablet. 

Expect the full in-depth details to break out on Monday, along with decent images of the devices. While the 7" may retain the low-cost styling of the original Google Nexus 7, the 10" tablet will probably need some hefty construction to cage and protect the screen, so maybe design partner Samsung will have something special to show off in the vein of Apple's iPad mini and Microsoft's Surface reveal.