There are many things we can do to help our social media presence get more attention. From content marketing to community building to social advertising, but when you think about it, it comes down to not just amplifying your message, but getting brand influencers to share on your behalf. But getting your influencers to share isn’t always easy. The folks at Gaggle Amp want to change that. 

A Gaggle of Influencers

GaggleAMP Amplify is a social marketing platform that lets marketers leverage the potential reach of individual employee, customer, and partner accounts through a unique, accountable, and privacy-assured message delivery model. 



Using GaggleAMP, companies are able to widely distribute their content and messages by creating a network of people (called a “Gaggle”) that share, Tweet, and post company-created messages and content. Additionally, GaggleAMP Amplify provides analytics and reporting for messages shared on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Creating a Sustainable Employee Engagement 

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, it’s important that employees feel connected to the company. In fact, a recent study found that a work environment that energizes employees by promoting their physical, emotional and social well-being is key to creating  "sustainable engagement." As a result, the study urges organizations to create policies and practices that make it possible for employees to better manage their workload, and exercise greater autonomy around how, when, and where they get their work done. 

When it comes to social media, organizations can get weird. If they let employees use social media, they try to control the things you can and cannot do. Some companies even prohibit employees from engaging directly on the organization’s social media channels. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your employees feel connected. 

With GaggleAMP, you get the best of both worlds -- you can let your employees join your Gaggle and amplify your brand's message, while letting them decide what company content to share and when, without you knowing which employee did what. Messages on GaggleAMP Amplify are pre-approved, locked down and can be shared by employees, partners and customers.

Your Gaggle can be private, allowing only those you invite to join; or they can be public, allowing your fans, brand advocates and other supporters to join. 


On social media, shouting your message from the roof tops will only get you so far. The secrets is getting the right people to share the right message at the right time. With Gaggle AMP, you can control the message, while allowing those who are most connected with your brand to share it with their networks, from within a secure environment where you can track the results.