GX Software Merges Web Content Management With Customer Context

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Internet use has become ubiquitous. It is a source ofinformation, entertainment and interaction. Businesses recognize that having aweb presence is critical, but it’s no longer enough. To attract visitors,retain their attention and convert them to customers, businesses must providerelevant content that engages each user. This is the goal of GX Software’s latestrelease, Web Manager 10 XperienCentral.

It’s All About Context

Web experience management (WEM) has become an important topic for most businesses. Although WEM is generating a lot of buzz, its value extends beyond jargon and technology solutions. At its core, WEM is about providing rich, highly-relevant experiences to visitors. It’s about shifting from one-size-fits all content to content personalized for each individual, and this requires understanding visitor context.

Web users crave personalized experiences. They want content that is aligned with their needs and preferences. It’s one of the reasons Burger King’s “have it your way” slogan was so successful. Creating these individualized messages requires context -- understanding who the user is, how they are accessing the site and what they are trying to accomplish.

Focusing on the Individual

Although GX Software has not rebranded their web content management (WCM) platform as a WEM solution like many other vendors, Web Manager 10 XperienCentral provides a number of new features that help tailor user experience across multiple devices and channels. The latest release allows content creators to view content from the perspective of the customer and edit it for every context, channel, time of day, place and based on the type of visitor (persona) from a single tool, which helps ensure the most relevant content and experience is delivered to each visitor. In addition, the latest release personalizes the experience for content creators. Users can customize the interface based on the channel or type of content being edited.

Learning Opportunities

The future of content is personal. WCM solutions will increasingly need to provide tools that make it easy to adapt their content for each visitor. It doesn’t matter if the vendor brands the platform WEM, digital marketing or continues to embrace WCM like GX Software, adaptive content delivery is quickly becoming a must have feature.

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