Hippos CMS Update Includes Advanced Channel Management

Hippo's latest update to its web content management system (CMS) platform promises to “wow” customers with enhanced channel management, personalization, security functions and web navigation.

Hippo launched version 7.9 of its CMS today. The update includes a new Advanced Channel Management feature and the introduction of CKEditor, SCXML Workflows and Secure Content Replication.

Sonja Wraith, vice president of marketing for the Amsterdam, Netherlands-based open source CMS provider, told CMSWire that the new version offers greater flexibility and more marketing capabilities — features essential to solid customer experience functionality on the enterprise level.

Separation of Content and Layout

“You have to give customers sufficient power to innovate and create different experiences,” she said. “What makes Hippo different is we’ve always had very strict separation from content and layout.”

In this new version, Hippo allows users to manage key web pages like landing and campaign pages, not just the home page. It allows extra control over these pages, something users cannot get in a standard template, she added.

web cms, Advanced Channel Management Highlights Hippo's New CMS 7.9

In a demo for CMSWire, Hippo representatives showed one capability that would appeal to marketers: automatic page set-up that changes the tone, theme, a headline and feel for a web page based on the visiting user’s preference. In other words, personalization.

Some key features within Hippo’s new release include:

  • Advanced Channel Management: Users can modify site menus from the Hippo CMS user interface without IT involvement. A drag-and-drop interface lets marketers build pages like landing and campaign pages.
  • CKEditor: a new rich text field editor that includes among other features intuitive context menus, configurable keyboard shortcuts and spell-check as you type and many more.
  • Secure Content Replication: Only published live content resides in the delivery repository, and published content, layout or targeting rule changed get replicated automatically from the authoring to the delivery zone. All inbound connections to the authoring zone can be rejected, making intrusion impossible.
  • Open source Apache Commons SCXML 2.0 library and the W3C State Chart for XML (SCXML) standard specification: Executes a workflow definition as a state machine.

Hippo’s Busy Days

Earlier this month, Hippo, Elastic Path and HintTech partnered on "customized experience-driven e-commerce" to focus on delivering solutions via Elastic Path’s API based e-commerce platforms and Hippo’s CMS to help organizations merge content and e-commerce.

Its last update to its web CMS platform was in December of 2012, when it released version 7.8. It included a customizable targeting feature that lets marketers create personalized experiences for site visitors.

It also included a targeting feature, called the Relevance Module, which allows marketers to customize the site appearance based upon the demographic characteristics of each individual visitor. 

Version 7.7 came out in January of 2012 and focused on supplying information that is personalized (delivering the most relevant content) and context-aware (aware of location, device used, behavior, time of day, history, social profile and more).