HootSuite Adds Digg, TrendSpottr, InboxQ Apps

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HootSuite users can extend the platform's functionality with three new apps available immediately in the App Directory: Digg, TrendSpottr and InboxQ. More apps are expected to roll out soon.

Inside the App Directory

In November 2011, HootSuite, a popular social media management platform, announced its App Directory. The initial applications at launch -- YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and Get Satisfaction -- were available to HootSuite Pro and Enterprise users. In December, a Constant Contact newsletter campaign app was added to the HootSuite App Directory. The new apps announced today are available to HootSuite Basic, Pro and Enterprise account users.

The Digg app lets users view, search and share news stories using the HootSuite dashboard. With the TrendSpottr app, users can search for trending content by topic, keyword or phrase. And InBoxQ lets users find questions on Twitter based on keyword and phrase searches.

More News

HootSuite's blog post announcement also says that the Engagement API is open, with more details about how to get involved expected to be revealed later this week. According to the post:

Learning Opportunities

With the HootSuite Engagement API, third party applications will be able to make use of the core HootSuite social network management and message publishing functionality -- allowing the developer and partner community to further integrate HootSuite’s social media management with other marketing functions."

Also, HootSuite is now integrated into the click.to portfolio, which means users can add content from anywhere. The Click.to site explains, "If you see something online that you want to get feedback on from the team, just click.to Hootsuite. If you receive an email singing your companies praises that you would like to share on your social network, just click.to Hootsuite and it can be shared everywhere."

Feedback Channel

The HootSuite App Directory Feedback Channelprovides users a place to share ideas for future apps. Integration withBlogger, adding Google Reader and supporting StatusNet are just a fewof the suggestions already in the channel. According to a response fromJordan, Partner Relations at HootSuite, apps for Posterous Spaces andBlogger will be released soon.