HootSuite is a popular professional Twitter client that is aimed at users who Tweet, use Facebook or Linkedin on behalf of organizations. HootSuite has become very popular those who manage communities or for Twitter power-users who maintain more than one account. In an effort to become even more pervasive and developer friendly, HootSuite has launched an App directory that lists tools and web services that extend the capabilities of HootSuite.

The App Directory will serve as a platform and discovery method for 3rd-party developers who have built services that leverage HootSuite in some way.  Also, the App Directory will help community managers and businesses see innovative and otherwise unknown ways of using existing tools with HootSuite.

At launch, the App Directory has services such as YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and Get Satisfaction applications. If you are a user of HootSuite Pro or Enterprise, you can share, manage and upload to these content sharing networks via HootSuite. 


Specifically, YouTube inside HootSuite means that you can view videos, upload your own, search for others and share videos to your social network. Also, with Flickr you can add multiple Flickr accounts and view, search, upload and share images across your social networks available within HootSuite.

Aggregating Your Social Web

If you are a social media pro who spends all day in these services, the App Directory may sound interesting, but not critical. However, for business owners or those who are doing social media/networking as a part of their jobs (see A Year in the Life of a Social Media Strategist), HootSuite and the App Directory will be a huge time saver. With the new feature, all of the your social web presences are available for use within one online application.

For the casual social networking user, the HootSuite App Directory is a tangible use case of what can be done with APIs, tying these disparate services together in a great way.

Looking to Be in the Directory?

If you are a web developer who wishes to integrate a service into HootSuite, check out the HootSuite Help Desk. There you will find support and guidance for installing applications and adding streams. By integrating with the HootSuite dashboard, web developers can take their service to a whole new audience with minimal custom development.

Having an app in the App Directory might lead to new users that might not have been available at all before.