Hootsuite Nuance and Everyone Else Bite into iOS 8

Hootsuite, Nuance - and Everyone Else - Bite into iOS 8

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The Apple-a-day news picks up steam today with the release of the newest version of its iOS. Apple — with just the slightest lack of modesty —  calls it “the biggest release since the launch of the App Store.”

The update offers fewer visual improvements but more under the hood changes, tech writer Mark Rogowsky explained in a comprehensive blog post today. As he noted:

"In many ways, it’s a more exciting upgrade for those who live on their mobile devices. Yet a great deal of the potential is tied to an upgrade of Apple’s Mac OS X, called Yosemite, that isn’t expected until next month. And most apps will need upgrades to exploit the most powerful features of iOS 8."

The big deal: iOS 8 enables new connectivity between the cloud, personal devices and installed apps. And companies, brands and app developers everywhere are taking advantage of the new capabilities, including Hootsuite and Nuance.

Better than Copy and Paste

Hootsuite claims its iOS takes the pain out of sharing social content from mobile devices. "Mobile sharing typically requires copying a link, opening a social app, pasting the link and going from there, and yet 72 percent of all shares on Facebook and Twitter are still via this antiquated and thumb-tying mode of copy and paste," the company noted in an email to CMSWire.

To address this issue, Hootsuite is releasing a new function with its iOS8 update today "to make sharing content over social easier than ever."

Apple's new Share Extensions allow third-party apps to offer their services through the “Share” button found within many iOS applications like Safari and Photos. "This is an innovative step for Apple that enables users to access powerful functionality without having to open separate apps," Hootsuite maintains. 

Hootsuite promises that its Share Extension will simplify the task of publishing mobile content  —  from article links to photos — at the optimal time of day from phones or tablets.

Learning Opportunities

In case anyone is so inclined, Hootsuite is giving users the option to hear about additional updates by following @HootsuiteiPhone on Twitter.

Everyone Wants to Make Your Life Easier

Nuance Communications, for instance, today announced that its Swype keyboard is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who have downloaded iOS 8.

Nuance claims Swype has been deployed on more than a billion devices Android devices around the world in the past five years -- "and now iOS 8 customers can experience the most intuitive touchscreen keyboard available on mobile." 

Swype’s continuous touch technology lets users glide their finger from one letter to the next, with words and phrases appearing as they go. Swype for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch also features the ability to enter punctuation and symbols, next word prediction, and an adaptive learning vocabulary.

Swype costs $0.99 in the App Store. But think before you buy: there will be dozens of other new options for your Apple mobile devices, including SwiftKey, a custom keyboard known for its word prediction algorithms which adapt to the user over time. SwiftKey on iOS will support Flow, which is similar to Swype.

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