CMOs and Marketing VPs are primarily focused on 3 goals:

  • Connecting to new customers
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Clearly demonstrating the value of marketing

These goals are not new -- the tactics used to achieve them are.

The Internet, social media and mobile technology have changed the way customers educate themselves about businesses and products, make purchases, and interact with companies. These technologies have also provided CMOs with new tools to engage customers and improve the effectiveness of marketing programs.

Thus, reaching customers requires a complex, multifaceted approach that must account for a number of direct and indirect channels. Technology can help if your online marketing solution provides an efficient means for communicating through all of the channels in a unified, consistent way.

How does a modern online marketing solution help businesses achieve a multi-channel approach and satisfy marketing executives’  three most important objectives?

1. Attract high-value audiences

Reach online audiences in any location (website, social sites, banner ads, etc.) and on any device with targeted campaigns and microsites that deliver rich media content and socially enabled tools.

At OpenText, our research and experience helping large businesses implement these processes have demonstrated it’s possible to achieve a 20%-30% reduction in cost per lead with an effective online marketing solution.

2. Convert visitors into customers

Foster customer relationships by providing digital content that is personalized, compelling and adaptive to diverse online audience personas.

Revenue per visitor (RPV) is a good measure of the value of an online marketing solution. OpenText believes that organizations should target a 15%-25% increase in RPV with an effective implementation.

3. Measure customer ROI

Analyze online activities and behavior in real-time throughout a campaign and measure performance relative to pre-established KPIs.

Research suggests that best-in-class organizations are more likely to track and analyze how their online content is used, consumed, and responded to. If using analytics to improve processes, such as content creation and publishing, could lead to even a conservative 0.25% increase in conversion rates, the revenue could be significant.

Discover how leading organizations use an online marketing solution to satisfy the top 3 priorities of marketing executives, and achieve greater return on marketing investment. Download the white paper: How to Create Measurable Value from Today's Digital Environment.