With Discover just opening the shutters, HP has already announced a couple of releases that will muscle-up its cloud offering, and offer around-the-clock access to data anywhere and anytime. Given that CEO Meg Whitman sees cloud computing as one of the four key elements in the HP recovery bid, both releases are of interest.

Both products were released yesterday so they don’t technically fall into the Discover box of technology goodness as it only starts today, but this is the HP US Discover week and there’s a lot of releases that need to be covered.

HP Marketing, Salesforce

Jumping straight in at the marketing end of spectrum, HP has announced a neat, new product that integrates with Salesforce and enables users to create sales documents without having to leave Salesforce.The thinking behind it is that by using the new HP Relate users won't have to spend as much time planning documents as it simplifies the creation of sophisticated, interactive documents within the Salesforce environment.

Built as an extension of the HP Exstream customer communications management solution, this is just one of the cloud solutions that is being released this week and helps sales people create personalized communications like sales quotes, sales proposals and direct marketing correspondents.

There isn't a lot more to it that but it is interesting that the week should kick off with digital marketing and customer experience management, even if it is only with an app that is complementary to is bigger cxm offerings.

HP Printer Offerings

Without getting into the whole debate about how much closer we are to the paperless office than we were in the past, printing and printers is still big business for HP. In current circumstances that may be a tad surprising as desktops and printers go together like crackers and cheese, and we all know what’s happening in the desktop market.

However, it hasn't stopped HP. For Discover is has announced the opening of its new HP Managed Print Specialist Resell program, which delivers cloud-based sales and tools that enable partners to control and manage their print services. There are two elements to this:

  • The HP Express Decision Portal: Provides partners a platform for creating proposals and quote generation connecting customers, partners and HP support
  • HP Bundled Page: Pricing includes supplies, services and parts for resale to customers in an MPS contract.

ePrint Enterprise

The other release in the HP world of printing is the release of HP ePrint Enterprise 2.2. This gives more control over the data that finds its way onto mobile devices by offering the possibility of secure printing.

The HP ePrint Enterprise for Good iOS app gives mobile users printing links to Good for Enterprise and the Good Suite of secured mobile apps. It also offers the possibility of customization within in the app so that printing can be limited to printers inside the firewalls. Other enhancements included in HP ePrint Enterprise 2.2 allow IT administrators to simplify the deployment and maintenance of HP ePrint Enterprise.

One Final Note

A final announcement worth a mention are the HP Flow CM Professional enhancements. The new encryption-at-rest feature helps to ensure that sensitive business content remains secure and encrypted when access controls such as user names and passwords fail.