With all the financial controversy surrounding HP over the past few months -- including poor quarterly figures and Autonomy write-downs -- sometimes its core business gets overlooked. During this week’s HPDiscover conference in Germany, we got to see a lot of really interesting new products. The last one we will look at is the new HP EliteBook Revolve.

 HP EliteBook Revolve

HP Elite Revolve.jpg

This may be just another tablet launching in an already crowded market, if it wasn't for the fact that this means HP is back in the business of producing new hardware products that, at one time, appeared to be a thing of the past for HP.

So it’s not a new PC, and strictly speaking it’s not a tablet per se. But it is close to both concepts.

It’s probably not the kind of innovation we will be expecting from HP in the future as it attempts to turn itself around, but it is a relapse into an established technology space with a few added twists.

Hybrid Tablet Features

The first thing about Revolve is that it was designed by HP to be completely flexible and one that could be converted to provide computing depending on the users demand.

The key to this is in the name itself. Called HP EliteBook Revolve it is an adaption of its Elite Pad that was released in October. The difference is that the screen is lifted off the keyboard, which unlike other tablets is permanently attached, and revolved through 360° when standing in a vertical position.

When the screen is placed back down on the keyboard you get the equivalent of an ultrathin notebook with a touch-enabled screen. Driven by current third-generation Intel Core processors it is optimized for Windows 8 use. Some of the other details that were released about it over the week included:

  • Works with Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro
  • An 11.6-inch diagonal HD display with total unit weighing 3.04 lb
  • Automatic screen light sensitivity for screen working in any position
  • A 720p HD4 camera, dual-microphone array

And the list goes on. It is also said to have a battery life of up to ten hours -- but later said during the week that this would be confirmed later (Does this sound like dodging the question?). If true, it is slightly better than the new Surface Pro that was also unveiled by Microsoft earlier in the week.

Another little ‘curiosity’ that comes with Revolve is a new HP Multi-Tablet Charging Module, that can charge up to ten tablets with just the one power outlet, although this will put you back US$ 499 when released in January.

The HP EliteBook Revolve is expected to be available in the United States in March 2013. HP says with Revolve that it is targeting business and government customers so don't expect bargain-basement prices, even if it will have to competitive.