iAPPS Debuts WebStore Express for Building eCommerce Websites

Organizations looking to build responsive, mobile friendly shopping websites now have an option to do so with the iAPPS Webstore Express, a templated eCommerce site building model from Brideline Digital.

eCommerce without Revenue Sharing

One common approach to ecommerce systems is that a portion of all sales completed through the website are shared with the company providing those tools. The iAPPS approach gets rid of that requirement, so all sales dollars are passed right along to the seller. Using the iAPPS Commerce Suite, companies can set up their Web stores to be compatible with over 100 currencies, and have access to translation services through Clay Tablet.

Building websites in short order has become a mainstay in the IT world, and because it can so often be done without as much tech support as in the past, the fast build theme is now spreading beyond just marketing. Although ecommerce sites require a bit more technological know how than less transaction based sites, the fast build mentality is steadily taking over here too.

By offering customers a way to set up more feature rich sites with advanced ecommerce capabilities, iAPPS is looking for a way to stand out in the growing ecommerce ecosystem.

iAPPS 5.0 Powered Mobile Buying

Not only will iAPPS customers be able build their ecommerce sites using pre built templates, they'll have access to iAPPS version 5.0, a mobile ready framework the company launched in 2013. iAPPS 5.0 includes tools like Content Manager for Web experience management, and Marketier for digital marketing.

With those tools as the underlying framework, organizations can expect to be able to build their ecommerce sites in a Saas environment, and take advantage of Brightcove integration for video content management. Additionally, companies will be able to access their sites via mobile devices for both authoring and editing, a powerful capability that many vendors have trouble implementing.

iAPPS Webstore Express costs US$ 55,000 plus a monthly Saas license, and it's meant for enterprise customers and even medium sized businesses.