IBM has several announcements from its Information on Demand 2012 conference in Las Vegas this week, and as the name of the event implies, many are big data and BI oriented.

IBM is adding new analysis features to InfoSpere Streams for monitoring operational efficiency, security investigation and maintenance and troubleshooting. Additionally, IBM SmartCloud is expanding its analytics offerings to small and medium sized business with Analytic Answers, a predictive analytics product.

Information on Demand

Information on demand is what it's all about. It's not just the name of IBM's week long conference in the desert, but the promise of faster and more agile IT. One of IBM's strongest segments this year has been information management, and its BI and big data tools are part of that mix. 


As more data is created, the market for systems that make sense of that data is booming.

Particularly in the mobile world, the need for big data understanding is immediate. InfoSphere Streams is a good fit in this industry because it can analyze all that incoming data and find customer usage trends and how they are using products and services. US cellular provider Sprint has been previewing the system, and it has been able analyze and manage network data 90% faster than before, Von McConnell, executive director of the Innovation and Advanced Labs at Sprint, said in a statement.

Sprint is a pretty big company, and obviously they have unique needs, but so do small and medium sized businesses. IBM has released the Analytic Answers tool to help these companies do important analytics work without the large budgets and IT teams found at places like Sprint. 

Analytic Answers can provide insight on fraud, customer loyalty and maintenance, for example, and can analyze information from social, geospatial and machine data.

InfoSphere BigInsights + Digital Analytics Accelerator

As for social, one of the other big disruptors of all things IT, IBM has added some new features to InfoSphere BigInsights for understanding social media. It's called InfoSphere Data Explorer, and it helps discover and navigate available data to reveal themes, visualize relationships, identify the value of data and establish context of data usage.

IBM Digital Analytics Accelerator helps marketers understand consumer sentiment to create targeted advertising and promotions, increase customer retention and perform analysis to predict customer needs. This is part of the PureData System for Analytics, and complex analysis of petabytes of data can be done in just minutes.

IBM is already a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in Social Software and Enterprise Content Management and put together with these new offerings it at least keeps the company competitive in one of the most rapidly growing segments of IT.