When the folks at PeopleBrowsr wanted to find outlets with which to share the news about its upcoming PeopleBrowsr Kred API launch, they turned to the very tool they were announcing to search for online influencers of topics related to social analytics. I was among those that they found and I was happy to oblige. 

Increasing the Flow of the Social Media Firehose

Over the past few months, the social media firehose has been spraying more data. As new social platforms emerge, eventually they get indexed into an API. Additionally, the number of years back to which data can be recalled has also increased. DataSift’s Twitter access can go back as far as 2010, while PeopleBrowser’s new API goes back to 2008. But that’s only the beginning.

In the fall of 2011, PeopleBrowsr launched Kred, a scoring system for measuring influence in online communities connected by affinities. Kred values audience quality and engagement over audience size by assessing anyone’s ability to inspire action (Influence) and propensity to engage with others (Outreach). 

Now, nearly eight months later, PeopleBrowsr is introducing Kred API, which allows marketers and others to find influential people based on PeopleBrowsr’s Datamine of hundreds of billions of social media conversations from the full Twitter firehose since 2008, public Facebook posts, 40 million blogs and forums and other sources. The data is indexed and filtered to allow discovery of people discussing any topic by their keywords, hashtags, bio, interactions, location or community.

Influence, Outreach, Deep Analytics

We spoke with Shawn Roberts, director of marketing communications, and Travis Wallis, director, API & curator, at PeopleBrowsr about the features that this launch brings. The PeopleBrowsr Kred API is available in four classes and for either 60 or 1,200 days of data access.

Find Influencers

With this feature, users can pinpoint influential people on any subject or within communities connected by shared interests or affinities. Influencers can be identified by applying Kred Influence, Kred Outreach, Kred RT Influence and Top Followers. Kred Influence calculates influence by focusing on interactions and connections rather than follower count or number of posts. Find Influencers API calls start at US$ 1.

Deep Analytics

With author-based analytics, users can leverage Kredentials (a single-screen summary of anyone’s social presence), historical Kred scores, reach and friends & followers to gain access to social archives. As well, location-based data can be returned for any keyword, hashtag or @name. Pricing for the Deep Analytics API starts at US$ 0.10 per call.

Action Analytics

Users have access to aggregated social data metrics for any keyword, hashtag or @name, including mention counts, word clouds and hashtag clouds. Information can be filtered by community, location, keyword and bio keyword for any time range down to a minute-by-minute basis. Access to the Action Analytics API starts at US$ 0.01 per call.

Global Kred Score

Users can append global Kred scores to @names or twitter IDs in web-based applications. Free for up to 500,000 calls per day, the Global Kred Score allows publishers, CRM vendors, customer service organizations and others to place influence scores with @names and and surface influential users.

Putting the Firehose to Good Use

Kred is dedicated to making it easier for marketers and brand strategists to find the messages that really matter. With more than 120 million active users on Twitter alone, it’s not always easy to keep on top of what’s being said or identify your brand’s key influencers by traditional means. Thanks to the PeopleBrowsr Kred API, organizations have access to deep, transparent social data on influencers needed to cultivate effective customer engagement and loyalty.

Chances are you’ve already experienced the power of Kred API.’s Create self-service infographic service currently draws most of its Twitter data from Deep Analytics, while Mashable’s mRank Leaderboards leverages Kred’s Action Analytics to provide the data feed for the minute-by-minute updates. But you can give it a try for yourself. Access to the PeopleBrowsr Kred API is available now. Apply for a key at Special pricing is available for large volume customers and early-stage start-ups.