Indicee Analytics for Sales Tells You How Salesforce Chatter is Affecting Your Sales Performance

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Cloud business intelligence platform Indicee has launched a new analytics, Indicee Analytics for Sales and Chatter for Salesforce’s AppExchange.

How Well Do You Use Social?

In order to be successful today a business has to be able to be collaborative with employees and customers. They need to gather analytics on both customer engagement and employee interactions and use this information to get a better idea of what areas the company has to work on. This is where tools, like Indicee Analytics for Chatter and Sales comes into play.

Indicee Analytics for Chatter takes “your social pulse” by providing key information such as adaptation rates, mentions and top tags from within the Chatter platform -- this solution was released last year. Indicee Analytics for Sales also works with Chatter, but shows how the use of the enterprise social network impacts a business’ overall sales performance. As a whole, Indicee Analytics for Sales shows how Chatter is being used to increase sales opportunities and how much of a social impact a company is making with key performance details, such as average order value and time-to-close data.

Other features of the Indicee analytics tool are key performance indicators (KPI’s) for sales operations, a function that shows top sales representatives and their Chatter history and a listing of top engagement opportunities.

"Indicee Analytics answers the most critical social business question: how are my social activities influencing the bottom-line?" said Mark Cunningham, founder and CEO, Indicee. "We all know that being more social can provide real competitive advantage and enhance business performance. But companies also want to know why, by how much, and how to keep improving.


Indicee Analytics for Sales: Sales Impact

Learning Opportunities

This approach, at least with the Chatter app seems to be to be well-received according to customer reviews.

There is so much more you can track, report and measure on Chatter using Indicee than you can in the standard Salesforce Chatter reports or dashboards," said one reviewer on the app’s download page."A key thing for our organization is looking at Chatter across all objects [such as] accounts, opportunities, custom objects to measure the true adoption of Chatter.”

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The AppExchange and Indicee

The Salesforce Appexchange is a group of 1,700 partner business social and mobile cloud apps for businesses. Recent additions to the platform include Bunchball’s Nitro for Salesforce and MindTouch’s Salesforce CRM Connector.

As for Indicee, they were launched in 2006 to help businesses utilize and share data through a web-based SaaS platform.Other tools include a platform tool that features embeddable data reports, the Indicee API and business intelligence models and individual apps such as PipeLine Analytics and Subscriber Analytics.