Social business leader Jive has announced the purchase of and Producteev, two innovative start ups in the video conferencing and task management spaces, respectively. makes video chat super easy by requiring no sign up or log in. Just go to the website and launch a meeting. Producteev makes to do lists for groups more usable by making them accessible across devices at anytime.

Rounding out the Platform

Jive will continue offering both services as stand alone products and will also integrate them into its own platform in 2013, Jive CEO Tony Zingale said in a company blog post. Both and Producteev are inexpensive and pretty easy to use. bears more than a passing resemblance to Google+ Hangouts and is free. Producteev is more like Asana or Mindjet due to its focus on the task and not on its features.

Since Jive is already near the head of the line in social business according to leading research firms, this play should only solidify that position. 

Meetings Anytime, To Do Lists Anywhere

While we don't know exactly what Jive intends to do integration wise, we do know offers things like screen sharing in addition to video chat. That is such a handy tool for all kinds of applications, and it will no doubt be included in however Jive rolls it into its own products.


Producteev sycs across devices and includes features like sub tasks and email integration.

Like, Producteev is free. There is a US $20 per month version, however, that allows for unlimited users per work space. Each work space is separate, but the price goes down the more work spaces are bought to as low as US $4 per work space.

Because it offers native apps for Android and iPhone, teams can easily see their tasks right when they are assigned, sync calenders and even generate reports on the move.

We liken Jive's move here to what Salesforce did early this year in its GoInstant buy. GoInstant specializes in co browsing, a similar tool to screen sharing.

Let us know in the comments if you think Jive is on a roll or if you think Salesforce is the team to beat in this space.