The new Limelight service promises content consistency across mobile devices.


Limelight Networks announced its Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile, which helps publishers create mobile-specific sites that are optimized for any device, regardless of screen size. Using XML, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the service promises to eliminate the need for a separate mobile CMS.

The platform is available as an add-on to the Limelight Dynamic Site Platform and as a standalone service for Limelight CDN, Limelight Reach and Limelight Video Platform users.

With mobile use rapidly on the rise, the latest Limelight platform is well-timed. Limelight Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile includes device detection, which analyzes incoming browser requests to display correctly formatted content. The shared content repository means content is created once and then repurposed across devices, and device detection allows for device-specific image resizing. One URL will adapt to any device, so multiple device-specific domains aren't necessary.

Limelight in the Limelight

Limelight made headlines in May when it acquired Clickability for US$ 10 million. Clickability, which had recently raised more than US$ 15 million in backing, was projected to add between US$ 4.5 and 5 million to Limelight's total sales the second part of this year.

Limelight also acquired AcceloWeb, a startup specializing in website acceleration, back in May. AcceloWeb technology was projected to boost performance of Limelight's Portal and Commerce Accelerator services, thus leading to increased conversion rates, reduced abandonment and a higher return on marketing investment.

In August, Limelight announced the release of Limelight Dynamic Site Platform, which combined web content management, site marketing, personalization tools and mobile publishing an a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform. The platform, which is an upgrade to technology acquired by the earlier Clickability acquisition, includes a Website Express tool that creates B2B sites in as fewas 30 days.