Limelight Networks -- acquirer of Web CMS vendor Clickability -- has announced significant enhancements to its Limelight Dynamic Site Platform, the new name for the Web CMS platform. As is the trend these days, the latest release aims to please digital marketers as well as content managers.

Web Content Management with Less IT Burden

The increased use of Internet and mobile devices has shifted marketers' and publishers' work lives. Consumers and partners expect streams of relevant, device-specific content -- or they won’t remain engaged.

This can be a burden for stretched technology teams and for enterprises that don’t have the resources for the challenge. Limelight is one of many companies that has stepped forward to address these hurdles.

The Limelight Dynamic Site Platform is a holistic platform that combines web content management (Web CMS), site marketing, personalization tools and mobile publishing in a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform.

The platform also includes a Website Express tool that creates a B2B site in as few as 30 days. The platform is an upgrade to technology acquired by the Clickability acquisition earlier this year.

The latest release includes a number of enhancements such as:

  • Improved tools for content editors:
    The platform update includes improvements to WYSIWIG editing in the browser and content workflow. Users can now use a Website View to update content and see the changes. The release also supports scheduling the publishing of multiple pieces of content at the same time using Publishing Packages.
  • New account-based website marketing capabilities:
    The release includes a new account concept in the Website Marketing solutions. This allows marketers to work more naturally by tracking accounts instead of just individuals. In addition, the tool also supports classification of visitors by profile, demographic and firmographic details.
  • Better mobile publishing:
    The Dynamic Site Platform now has tools to create dynamic views of sites for mobile devices such as the popular Android and Apple’s iOS.
  • International Support:
    The platform has been updated with multilingual workflow and website management tools. These enhancements will allow marketers to more easily support global users.

Personalized Web Content

According to Limelight, the latest updates should make it easier for enterprise marketers and online publishers to manage personalized web content across multiple channels.


Limelight Dynamic Site Platform -- Marketing Acceleration

The latest release of Clickability is available now.